The “One Piece” movie participated in the “Serial” linkage of the mobile game for the first time. How much did these 6 products earn?

The animated film “ONE PIECE FILM RED”, which was released on August 6, took 58 days and the box office revenue exceeded 16.2 billion yen, winning the Japanese weekend box office chart for 9 consecutive weeks.

The value of “One Piece: Red Singer” is not only at the box office. From early July to late September, it has successively joined 6 important products in the Japanese mobile game market-“Wild Action”, “One Piece Bounty Rush”, “One Piece” “Treasure Hunt”, “Monster Pinball”, “Puzzle and Dragons” and “Granblue Fantasy” have launched linkages.

How powerful can a powerful alliance be? Recently, the Japanese market research company GameAge (ゲームエイジ総総縏) released a report comparing the weekly active user data of these 6 mobile games before and after the linkage.

At first, when the official announcement of the linkage of 6 bombs was made, half of them were sold.

“Wild Action” achieves “the strongest in history” linkage

“Wild Action” is the first mobile game to be linked with “One Piece: The Red Diva”, and the cooperation will start from July 8 to July 17 before the release of the animated film.

↓ The trend of weekly active users of “Wild Action”

GameAge data shows that after the linkage was launched, the number of active male users aged 10 to 20 in the “Wild Action” game increased by nearly 20,000. It is also true that as the hottest chicken-eating mobile game in the Japanese market, “Wild Action” has a high popularity in this age group, which is very similar to “PUBG MOBILE”; there are also obvious male active users between the ages of 20 and 30. The number of male users in this age group was originally less than that of female users aged 10 to 20. After the linkage was opened, it surpassed it; other than that, the number of active users in other age groups did not change much.

In terms of revenue, the results of “Wild Action” are more conspicuous. This linkage is known as the largest linkage cooperation in the history of “Wild Action”, and the reservation threshold for linkage alone is also 1 million people. During the linkage period from July 8 to July 17, “Wild Action” won the top of the best-selling list for 3 consecutive days, and never fell out of the top 10 of the best-selling list.

“One Piece Mobile Game Two Heroes” benefit the most

The most golden time must be reserved for “my family”.

On the Japanese App Store best-selling game list in August, two One Piece IP mobile games made great strides-“One Piece Bounty Rush” ranked in the top 10 best-selling list for 23 days, and “One Piece Treasure Hunt” also ranked in the top ten for 15 days. You know, in the previous July, “One Piece Bounty Rush” was in the top ten bestsellers for 7 days, and “One Piece Treasure Hunt” disappeared.

When the movie was released, it was the day they linked. The ranking of the two mobile games has soared, which shows the strength of “One Piece: The Red Singer” to push the boat forward. But more important than the explosion of revenue is the qualitative change in the number of users. GameAge data shows that from the week of August 1, when the movie was released, the users of these two One Piece IP mobile games began to grow wildly.

↓ The trend of weekly active users of “One Piece Treasure Hunt”

Among them, the number of active male users aged 20-30 in “One Piece Treasure Hunt” (as shown above) increased from less than 60,000 in the week of July 25 to nearly 100,000 in the week of August 15; during the same period, The number of active male users aged 10-20 has increased from 40,000+ to 90,000+; although the base of female users of all ages is not large, the increase is also considerable.

↓ The trend of weekly active users of “One Piece Bounty Rush”

“One Piece Bounty Rush” has opened a “unilateral rise” market (as shown above). The most representative are male active users aged 10-20, which soared from around 70,000 in the week of July 25 to 180,000+ in the week of August 29, and then stopped growing. Due to the large differences in the style of painting and gameplay of the two mobile games, the age groups of the main users displayed are also different. The “younger” advantage of “One Piece Bounty Rush” is obvious.

National mobile games also come to join in the fun

The two national mobile games “Monster Pinball” and “Puzzle and Dragons” have been in operation for 9 and 10 years, and have experienced numerous collaborations. Because the game itself is relatively casual and has a relatively high degree of fit with any IP linkage, it also appeared in the cooperation list of “One Piece: Red Diva”. It is also a win-win.

↓ The trend of weekly active users of “Monster Pinball”

Beginning on August 13, “Monster Pinball” began to warm up the linkage activities. The linkage of “Monster Pinball” is scheduled for August 20, two weeks after the film’s release. From the week of August 1 to the week of August 15, the growth of male active users aged 10 to 20 and 20 to 30 was close to a terrifying 400,000. It wasn’t until the week of September 5 that it began to fall significantly.

↓ The trend of weekly active users of “Puzzle and Dragons”

The linkage event of “Puzzle and Dragons” is on September 1st after “Monster Pinball”. Since August 29, the growth of male active users in the three age groups of 10-20 years old, 20-30 years old and 30-40 years old has exceeded 100,000, but compared with the previous four mobile games, the number of active users has increased. cycle is significantly shortened.

Granblue Fantasy finale screwed up

The last collaboration (the 6th bullet) was “Granblue Fantasy”, which started on September 14th, one and a half months after the movie was released.

↓ “Granblue Fantasy” Weekly Active User Trends

Judging from the change curve of active users in the figure above, the week of September 12 did indeed increase compared to the previous three weeks, but the magnitude was very limited. What is even more ironic is that this time, compared with the collaboration with “One Piece: Red Singer”, “Azur Lane” held its own swimsuit event in early August, the effect is not a little bit worse. The interests of core users of Japanese-style two-dimensional mobile games are clear at a glance.

The linkage effect is limited, but the design of [RED and BLUE] is very interesting

Overall, among the 6 Japanese mobile games linked with “One Piece: The Red Singer”, only “One Piece Bounty Rush” and “One Piece Treasure Hunt” have all the advantages of the movie-game linkage of “the right time, the right place and the right people”. These two mobile games have the best user growth effect and revenue growth effect.

In addition, it can also be concluded that the increase of male users aged 10 to 20 is the most obvious for other mobile games participating in the linkage; discount. That is to say, the timing of linkage development needs to be carefully considered.

Entering October, the attendance rate of “One Piece: Red Singer” is still increasing. At the same time, the “One Piece” comic has also entered the final chapter, and the topic of discussion remains high. The brand influence displayed by this very representative Japanese IP is indeed worthy of the game to “hold the thigh”.