The old 6 is also segmented? The grassy yin is bronze, and the equipment for fishing is gold. You can’t think of the king’s operation.

I believe that many players have encountered ambush in the dark when they are playing games, robbing you of the fruits of victory, and then turning their hands to kill your old 6 players, and in the current popular martial arts game “Eternal Calamity” Among them, there are also old 6 players. However, it is not so easy to be a qualified old 6 player in the fiercely competitive battlefield. Perhaps many people do not know that the “professional” of old 6 in “Eternal Calamity” actually has three, six, nine, and so on. Segment division.

First of all, the most basic bronze-level old 6 players are also encountered in many chicken-eating games, “Voldemort” who is squatting in the grass. You must know that, unlike in the game “Jedi Survival”, players need to wear a Geely suit to lie in the grass to hide and squat. In the eternal robbery game, players find purple invisible grass, and press C to squat to enter the stealth state. Even if the enemy is in the same grass as you, as long as you don’t move, they will not be discovered by the enemy. So everyone must be careful of the stealth grass nearby, there may be a company of enemies hiding inside.

However, it is also very simple to crack the shadowy people in the grass. As long as a player presses the Q key to open the hook lock, the automatic sight matched with the hook lock can directly make the invisible old 6 appear in the grass, so for many old players, The hook lock is not only a tool for rushing or closing the distance with the enemy, but also a must-have tool for old 6 players to find hidden in trees or grass.

And some old 6 players who have touched the gold rank will not only use nearby scene buildings to effectively hide, but also put “fishing supplies” in the selected trap locations in order to lure other players to automatically give away their heads, such as the most eye-catching ones. The golden high-quality equipment makes the players who are on their way to the vicinity mistakenly think that it is the equipment that others do not want and go forward to pick them up, thus ignoring the attention to the surrounding environment, so that the old 6 players who have been waiting for a long time in the vicinity directly gather to attack it, easily Harvest heads.

However, with the improvement of the player’s rank, the practice of placing high-end equipment on the road to fish in high-end games can easily be seen by the enemy, thus increasing the opponent’s vigilance and losing the opportunity to start. Therefore, for some king-level old 6 players who are well versed in the hearts of high-end players, they will choose the golden key that can open the treasure cave in the game as “bait”, and ambushed near the treasure cave one step ahead of time, waiting for the player who gets the key to send it by himself. When you come to the door, you can not only get the god-level equipment in the treasure cave, but also accept the resources that others have worked hard to accumulate.

However, in order to easily remember the opening position of each treasure cave key, a certain amount of historical knowledge is also required. This is because, in the game “Eternal Calamity”, although the world view is an overhead plot, most of the weapons, or areas in the scene, are reproduced and restored based on the content in historical records, and the treasure cave is named after And the same is true for the location, so as long as you know the source of the treasure cave, you can easily find the location and prepare for the ambush in advance.

I have to say that although most players hate these old 6 players very much, it is not easy to be a successful old 6. So, what tricks of old 6 players have you encountered in the game?