The official version of iOS 15.7.1 is released! The most stable official version

Zhongguancun Online News : On October 28th, according to relevant news, Apple released the official version of iOS 15.7.1 today, the internal version number is 19H117. This version is mainly for the security of mobile phones and has undergone important upgrades, and it is recommended for all users to install it. According to the upgraded user feedback, this update has fixed the bug that the Face ID unlocking of the RC version is invalid.

It is reported that many users have previously reported that Face ID cannot be used on older iPhone models after updating the iOS 15.7.1 RC version. When the user resets the Face ID, the system will prompt a pop-up “Face ID is unavailable, please try again later”. There is no abnormality when running iOS 15.7, but the above situation occurs after updating to iOS 15.7 RC, and the new version solves this problem. Let’s look forward to it together!