The nucleic acid test every day is still a yellow code. Is the complaint useful? Remember this!

Recently, many citizens’ health codes have turned yellow. Everyone has a question: I am doing nucleic acid tests every day. After the yellow code, should I test again or appeal? Please remember one: the sampling time must be turned green after the yellowing time, regardless of whether it is negative for nucleic acid within 24 hours.

Knock on the blackboard! There are several time points that everyone needs to figure out: nucleic acid sampling time, nucleic acid result time, and yellow code time.

The core condition for turning a yellow code into a green is to carry out at least one nucleic acid sampling test after the yellow code is assigned. That is to say, what is required to turn green is that the nucleic acid sampling time is after the coding time, and has little to do with the nucleic acid result time.

How to check the time of the yellow code? You can enter the Yuekang code and click “Health Information” or “Yellow Code – Key Personnel in the Prevention and Control Area, Please Check with the Code”, or enter the Suikang Code and click “Reason” (as shown in the figure below).

Give the yellow code time to check like this.

Two examples:

1. At 10:00 a.m. on October 28th, Xiao Chen found out that he had a yellow code, and the yellow code was assigned at 0:00 a.m. on October 28th. Xiao Chen was 24 hours nucleic acid at that time, and the code surface showed 24 hours, at 04:46 on October 28 (this is the time for the results) . Click to enter and you can see that the actual nucleic acid sampling time is 18:00 on October 27th. This is nucleic acid that does not meet the requirements. You need to go to the yellow code point to do nucleic acid.

2. At 10:00 am on October 28th, Xiao Wang found out that he had a yellow code, and the time when the yellow code was assigned was at 0:00 on October 28th. Xiao Wang had a 48-hour nucleic acid test at the time, but he tested it again this morning after passing the nucleic acid point. There are records in the test. The sampling time was 8:59 on October 28th. This kind of nucleic acid meets the requirements, and the sampling time is given . After the yellow time, you don’t need to do nucleic acid again, wait 2-4 hours, and the health code will automatically turn green when the nucleic acid negative result comes out.

There are also so-called complaints guidelines circulating on the Internet. In fact, complaints are not the core reason for the greening of the health code. In some cases of successful appeals, in fact, it was mainly during the waiting time that the results of the nucleic acid samples sampled after giving yellow came out. The content of the picture below is misleading and cannot be trusted.

【Reporter】Xiao Wenge