The new work of Destiny Qiyu series “Destiny Qiyu: Homecoming” released Roguelite’s special gameplay

The new work of Destiny Qiyu series “Destiny Qiyu: Homecoming” released Roguelite’s special gameplay

The domestic martial arts stand-alone game developed by Jiashanlin Entertainment, and its derivative sequel, “Fate of the World: Homecoming” is an action role-playing game containing random elements of Roguelite. .

In the game, the protagonist Zhuge Yu, played by the player, was severely injured due to an accident and fell into the predicament of confusion and loss of memory. Later, he broke through layers of levels through the guidance of mysterious powers, constantly strengthened his abilities, challenged his former enemies again, and finally found his way back. self.

Level choice, endless challenges

This work reshapes the unique battle levels in the original work. Before entering the level challenge, players will face a variety of choices: do you want to cultivate talent and ability and retrieve memory fragments? Or do you want to take a break for a while and buy some groceries to recharge your batteries? Every choice will affect the development of the ability in this cycle, so in addition to the thrilling battle, it is more necessary to carefully plan and decide, in order to turn the corner and achieve the final victory.

Friend or foe? Like a lifetime

With the advancement of the level, the young heroes will challenge the unique “enemies” one by one. Whether it is the provocative tycoon who blocks the road in the previous work, the chivalrous warrior who breaks the dragon and stabs the tiger, or the like-minded partner, they will all become the target that the young chivalrous must defeat in this work. self, breakthrough self.

On the rivers and lakes road, there are crises

The rivers and lakes are full of crises, and Zhuge Yu can only defeat the powerful enemy and retrieve the memories of the past by constantly exercising and improving himself to the extreme. Zhuge Yu is waiting for Young Hero to help him on his way home, Young Hero! Can you help him through all the difficulties and trials until the day he wakes up again?

“Destiny Qi Yu: Homecoming” will be released on the Steam platform. The specific release date and price have not been announced yet, and interested players should look forward to it.