The new round of the Thunder Cup All-Star Game is about to start, Meng Lan, the two top shooters in the pocket are on the verge of starting

Speaking of the most popular and most popular mobile game at present, it is estimated that the game that most mobile game fans think of at the first time is definitely the game of King Glory. King Glory is currently the most famous in the e-sports circle. With its unique MOBA gameplay, it is still highly sought after by netizens. At the same time, with the rapid development of the e-sports industry, Honor of Kings has gradually completed the transition to professionalism. , has a mature competition system, and there are many professional competitions related to it.

I believe that players who often watch games know that in the King of Glory game circle, in addition to the officially launched professional leagues, major domestic game live broadcast platforms also often launch various interesting self-made events. In my opinion, the Thunder Cup S6 is in full swing. Although the Thunder Cup is just a self-made event officially launched by Huya, it is not as popular as the KPL league, but its unique competition style and professional The competition system and regulations still attract countless netizens to watch. It is worth mentioning that in this Thunder Cup S6, the official also launched the All-Star competition system, which made this Thunder Cup S6 very interesting for a while.

Now with the progress of the schedule, the Thunder Cup is also ushering in the third week of the game, and the schedule of Group B is about to end. During this period, the Wz team lost to the WB team in the last game, so they will bid farewell to this Thunder Cup. In addition, the second round of the Thunder Cup All-Star team is about to start, and on October 27th, the audience voted fly and Pengpeng as the captains of the star team. It is worth mentioning that due to Xiaopang and The two powerful players, Yaodao, failed to be selected for the Thunder Cup Star Game, so many netizens also ridiculed that they are still strong female fans in voting.

It is worth mentioning that Meng Lan, the 131-stage developmental road, will play against the pocket 121-stage developmental road in this All-Star Game. I wonder what kind of sparks will these two top shooters collide? Interested netizens will go to a certain tooth to pay attention to this Thunder Cup S6!