The new outdoor series inherited from Oasis Zegna

October 27, 2022 – Zegna launches a new outdoor collection, a campaign shot in the Oasis of Zegna, the birthplace of Zegna’s values. This outdoor collection once again demonstrates Zegna’s foresight, combining the brand’s tradition of making high-quality fabrics with the pursuit of luxury quality to fully meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Zegna Oasis originated from the “green concept” of the founder of the brand. It was first built in 1910 and is a natural park open to the outside world. Oasis Zegna is a massive environmental restoration project that not only preserves biodiversity, but also creates a sustainable relationship of interdependence and co-development between the natural environment and the local community.

Zegna adopts superior performance, high-performance technology and modern modern design, combined with the design concept of Zegna’s classic luxury leisure series clothing, to launch a new outdoor series, which can withstand the severe test that various outdoor activities may bring. This series uses a variety of technical textile fabrics and incorporates practical details, whether it is outdoor exploration or daily wear in winter, you can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable wearing experience. The new collection fully showcases flexible designs that fit the natural form of the human body, incorporating Zegna’s innovative textile technology and unique structural design. The collection includes outerwear, knitwear, bottoming shirts, technical sweaters and trousers, providing a complete wardrobe for outdoor sports, creating a rich variety of wearing possibilities.


This outdoor series also incorporates the Zegna Route 232 brand identity to pay tribute to the brand’s historical heritage. Llama’s red-brown double-striped logo is inspired by the 26-kilometer road paved in the 1930s, which connects the oasis of Zegna with the local community. This striking brand identity symbolizes Zegna’s past and future, expressing the values ​​and philosophies that Zegna has represented for more than 110 years, echoing the dynamic new collection.

Zegna focuses on an active lifestyle, working with professional partners – the brand La Sportiva, the global positioning system leader Garmin, the ski manufacturer Zai, the snow shoe brand TSL, the SIGG water equipment manufacturer SIGG and high quality The safety helmet brand KASK has jointly created a variety of professional accessories for this series.


Zegna collaborated with La Sportiva to develop the TX Top hiking boots, with a waterproof mesh upper and a durable Vibram rubber sole that can easily handle all kinds of mountain activities and cross-country races. The watch uses Garmin’s innovative GPS technology to create the Venu® 2 Plus Smartwatch, decorated with the Route 232 brand logo, and integrated with health monitoring, payment and safety precautions, and is an essential equipment on the ski slopes . In collaboration with TSL, Zegna has designed ski poles that are ergonomic and easy to fold, as well as Symbioz Hyperflex Original 2 adjustable snowshoes with excellent grip and shock absorption for comfortable walking. Zegna and Zai have teamed up to create high-performance skis with PowerRail technology. The Swiss brand SIGG’s renowned outdoor expertise and Zegna’s sophisticated style have teamed up to design an aluminium mountaineering water bottle with the Route 232 branding. In addition, Zegna has teamed up with high-quality safety helmet brand KASK to design the matt Piuma ski helmet, which is embellished with the Zegna Route 232 brand logo, and is decorated with an anti-fog dual lens visor and leather strap design.