The new energy 12-hour endurance race is about to start, and the M5 team of Wenjie participates for the first time

The 2022 China New Energy Vehicle Competition and New Energy Vehicle 12-hour Endurance Race will be held at Zhuzhou International Circuit, Hunan Province from October 30 to November 1. New energy vehicles are the future of the auto industry and a good sustenance for consumers’ demands for smart, comfortable and environmentally friendly travel and life. The holding of the 12-hour endurance race has taken a milestone step, and a number of popular new energy models in the market have been unveiled neatly. Racing enthusiasts from all over the country bring zero-distance and all-round in-depth experience.

The models shortlisted for the 12-hour endurance race include not only prestigious foreign brands, but also the fast-growing “light of domestic products”. Among them, the M5 model jointly designed by Celis and Huawei has formed a team to participate in the competition for the first time. Let us look forward to the official start of the event and the exciting duel of the participating models.

It is understood that this 12-hour endurance race will be divided into three days, using the mode of “multi-vehicle group, same-field racing”. During the competition, the participating vehicles and players of each team will conduct a comprehensive competition in multiple dimensions such as team cooperation, charging strategy, driving technology and vehicle performance.

In terms of awards, in addition to the overall championship and group championship of the 12-hour endurance race, there are many subdivision awards and corresponding consideration indicators, such as the [Best Energy Economy Award] that balances performance and economy, and the one that examines balanced performance. [Best Comprehensive Stability], [New Energy Vehicle Safety Award] for exploring the limits of people and vehicles, and [Best Sports Performance Award] for comprehensive indicators are all tests for the battery stability and durability of participating vehicles under extreme working conditions. , as well as the fierce competition and rigorous testing of indicators such as straight-line acceleration, cornering steering control, and deceleration braking.

In this competition, the Wenjie M5 team sent a total of five drivers to participate in the competition, all of whom have rich experience in competition. As the captain, Cai Li has experienced many battles. As the chief person in charge of the performance evaluation of the whole vehicle of Seris, a member of the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers, a certified subjective evaluator of the China Automobile Center, and a national A-level venue & rally driver. He has led his team to win awards in national auto races many times. In this event, the top professional racing drivers in the M5 team of Wenjie will cooperate sincerely with the technical staff to lay a solid foundation for good results.

In addition to a strong operation team, the M5 as a competition car is also worth looking forward to in terms of performance and handling. In terms of performance, the Wenjie M5 adopts a pure electric drive intelligent platform. The 1.5T four-cylinder dedicated range extender has ultra-high compression ratio and thermal efficiency, and the power generation efficiency is as high as 3.2kW·h/L. Enough for a 12 hour challenge. In addition, the Wenjie M5 adopts a dual-motor four-wheel drive scheme of front AC asynchronous motor + rear permanent magnet synchronous motor, and it only takes 4.4 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers. During driving, the motor continues to maintain a stable and safe working condition.

In terms of control, the front suspension of Wenjie M5 adopts a four-ball double-wish rod structure, which can better alleviate the impact from the outside world. While absorbing lateral forces, it provides better support for the body and a faster dynamic response. In addition, the design of the all-aluminum alloy chassis not only improves the rigidity of the whole vehicle, but also reduces the weight of the whole vehicle, making the driver more comfortable to control.

The 2022 China New Energy Vehicle Competition and New Energy Vehicle 12-hour Endurance Race has created a precedent for domestic new energy vehicle competitions. Under the strict competition rules, a group of all-excellent “players” will stand out and win the attention of the industry and the market. As an all-excellent “player”, the Wenjie M5 team has attracted the attention and hot discussion of the majority of domestic riders due to its extreme performance and quality, and may become the “dark horse” team in this endurance race. Let us look forward to the wonderful performance of Wenjie M5 team.