The new character Darui is online, Huya started Hokage planning and said that all planning anchors will solve your doubts together

Many netizens like the mobile game Naruto very much. First of all, they are attracted by his IP. After all, Naruto can be regarded as influencing the childhood of many post-90s. I believe that many players are coming for the name Naruto. Yes, after playing for a period of time, I found that this game is very confrontational and requires relatively high operation. In the game, we cultivate various characters in Naruto to enjoy the thrill of fighting and cultivation. Over time, these netizens stayed.

Huya will also launch a program recently. Huya Naruto Planning said that it invited planning “Ningji” and planning “Chiyo” to join hands to reveal the latest high-tech A Ninja “Dalui [Boren Biography]” and the new version of the ninja students. Revelations! At the same time, Huya’s popular commentator “C Kai” and popular video authors “Qiao Yan is not an old saying” and “Naruto handsome man Kirabi” are also invited. Every time a major update is carried out, new characters will appear. How strong is it? First of all, the planner will break the news and explain the new characters, and the anchors will perform various actual combat demonstrations to verify the strength of the characters through actual combat.

This time, Darui is launched. As the Joinin of the Land of Thunder, Yunyin Village, the guard of the fourth generation of Meg Raikage, and the only successor of the third generation of Meg Raikage’s black thunder, he can use the blood successor limit “Lan Dun”, with The huge chakra, who freely uses the six treasures, has superb swordsmanship and ninjutsu. In the field of vision, he became a veteran powerhouse. It can be seen from such an evaluation that the strength of this character will show his strength in the game, so what is his strength in the game?

In addition to the explanation and actual combat of the heroes, several anchors will also have a BO3 game. Laoyan and Chirabi will challenge C Kai. Those who succeed in the challenge will have the opportunity to send two gifts. If you fail, C Kai will send two gifts. This gift is Naruto’s peripherals, and there will be other prizes, including Darui card, Apple headphones, Naruto peripherals, Jingdong card, peripherals, etc., and thousands of Yuan Q coins are delivered throughout! There’s also a chance to earn a variety of perks while watching the game to learn about new characters.

What are you waiting for! Netizens who like the game Naruto, don’t miss this wonderful Huya Naruto plan, the live broadcast time will be at 18:30 on October 28th! At that time, planners and anchors will meet on time, let us see you soon!