The new boss of “Onmyoji” is coming soon, and the new skin of the net bride is online

The door of the Six Paths opened, and the other world behind the door, the Fragrance Field, floated in front of you. The fragrance is mixed with a mist of jealousy. When the panorama emerges, everyone has become something in the hands of the evil god… The evil god of jealousy has shown his true body in the mist, and the BOSS of the world-hunting fragrance activity is about to come!

【BOSS information】

– Activity time –

The version event “Scent of the World” will start the first phase after the maintenance on October 19; the second phase of the event will start after the maintenance on October 26.

At this stage, Chiguotian will open to challenge the spiders that follow him, and put on a rose-colored costume, hiding the most deadly fangs under the most gentle appearance.

– Event Entrance –

Onmyoji can enter the challenge event BOSS Hold Guotian from “My Way Yu Xing” on the main interface of the event!

– Challenge Description –

Holding Guotian’s incense burner is protecting him. Onmyoji needs to destroy three incense burners before he can challenge Holding Guotian. Each incense burner has independent HP and exclusive skills, and the Onmyoji can freely choose the incense burner to challenge. Challenge the incense burner and hold Guotian to get “Heart Keeping Incense” to unlock the “Incense God Gift”.

Challenge the incense burner and hold Guotian to get “Heart Keeping Incense” to unlock the “Incense God Gift”.

The first 40 challenges of My Way Yuxing can also get Yushen EXP, please pre-install Yushen, otherwise you will not be able to get Yushen EXP rewards.

The evil of jealousy is full of fog. When the evil god who controls everything finally shows up, how will the walker in the palm of his hand break free?

There was a rustling sound from the deep cave, and the spider-shaped beauty in brand-new costumes paced out in the direction of the prey – those who have hearts will have nowhere to hide.

[Network Bride Skin · Heart Network Spring Rose]

【Details appreciation】

The roses on her hair are dazzling, as if the love of the past was scorching hot; there were tears in her eyes, who knew the pain that eroded her bones?

The blood-stained red spider silk turned into her carefully woven heart web, and once it fell into it, there was only an inescapable fate.

The cascading sleeves are shaped like butterfly wings, which is the desire for freedom in the cage; the clothes made of spider silk are noble and gorgeous, and become her own hunting clothes.

The spiders that follow the shadows also put on rose-colored costumes, hiding the most deadly fangs under the most gentle appearance.

【Dynamic display】

【method of obtaining】

Internet Bride Skin·Xinwang Chunqiang will be launched in the skin store in the near future, please pay attention to the follow-up report for more relevant information.

The moment the cobwebs are weaved is a carefully laid net, and it is also a work that she has intertwined with love and hate. The eyes looming in the dark are silent and fiery, waiting for those with impure and deceitful hearts to fall into it.

[About “Onmyoji” mobile game]

Netease’s self-developed flagship IP, beautiful and ethereal, classic semi-real-time turn-based RPG, card collection and development, social PK based on LBS technology, the new plot is ups and downs, and hundreds of shikigami need to be awakened… .. “Onmyoji” is waiting for you to start a mysterious fantasy journey!