The Nets rank second in the league in points per game, and the Duou offense can’t beat it

  On October 30th, Beijing time, the Nets’ defense was almost the worst in the league. They suffered a 4-game losing streak and finished last in the Eastern Conference. This is the main reason.

  Lost to the Pacers today, the Nets lost 125 points, which is not a lot. During their four-game losing streak, they dropped more than 125 points three times.

  The only game under 125 was against the Bucks, dropping 110. The other two games, including a 134 points, a 129 points.

  In addition to the lone victory, they also dropped 130 points in the opener.

  It is a little surprising that the Nets have not yet ranked first in the league in points loss. After today’s loss, they gave up 122.16 points per game, tied for second with the Spurs.

  The Pistons averaged 122.8 points per game, topping the list. However, according to the momentum of the Nets, if no adjustments are made, it is likely to surpass the Pistons.

  On offense, the Nets averaged 113 points per game, ranking only 18th in the league and in the middle. With Durant and Irving two big scorers, their offense is no match for others. Defense has become a sieve. It is no wonder that the Nets can achieve good results. (Angkor)

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