The nemesis of NS/switch’s slow download, the accelerator that can be used for free, is easier to use than the accelerator box

For a long time, SWITCH players will think of using various accelerators to solve problems such as downloading problems, eshop loading problems, and inability to open, or conventional accelerators, or listen to other people’s suggestions to buy accelerator boxes, and some people use them. own traffic to speed up.

Of course, the above methods are all feasible and can solve network problems. However, as a player, you must also consider the cost-effectiveness. For example, for those acceleration boxes, it costs two or three hundred yuan to buy a box, and then buy a monthly card to use it together. , the price is really low.

There are many players who buy the switch to play stand-alone games and like to play games quietly on the sofa, so it is not suitable for such players to spend hundreds of dollars to buy the so-called acceleration box, and there is no need to spend tens of dollars. For members who go to the accelerator, use the gadget of Jingyou Host Accelerator to solve the problem perfectly.

Jingyou host acceleration treasure is a switch download tool that has been found to be very easy to use recently. It does not require a host acceleration box or an accelerator. It can be used when connected, and the download speed is super fast.

So the question is, how to use the game console acceleration treasure? Don’t worry, here’s a super detailed solution for you:

Step 1: First search and pay attention to the game host acceleration treasure

Step 2: Enter the specific password [Jingyou 666] in the dialog box, so that you can get the download traffic

Step 3: There will be a setup tutorial on the page, and you can configure it in the switch host to make the download take off.

The above is the introduction and basic usage steps of the game host acceleration treasure, the following is to show you the actual download speed comparison. Let’s take the game Persona 5 Royal Edition as an example.

The time to download Persona 5 Royal Edition on my switch host is 25 hours.

The time to download Persona 5 Royal Edition is 55 minutes after the acceleration of the game console.

The gap between 25 hours and 55 minutes is very large. Less than an hour is fleeting. It can help players reduce the waiting time with maximum efficiency. Hao Le, the content is here, I hope it can help everyone.