The most professional guild in the online game circle settled in Adverse Water Cold, and the situation was old and embarrassing: people were beaten by the group if they didn’t receive it

I believe that when netizens play online games, they must have joined some player guilds more or less. After all, this kind of multiplayer social game is still played with other players in order to experience the most game fun, especially those who are old There are many professional guilds for players, so that they can get started quickly even after moving to a new game. Whether it is PVE or PVP, they can play very happily.

But not all players are very fond of these large-scale professional guilds, and some people think that their appearance disrupts the normal game order, so they unite to boycott these professional large-scale guilds. In “Against the Cold”, a professional guild fell into a situation of “everyone shouting and fighting”. Not only did the newcomers not receive a few, they were almost beaten out of the server.

The reason for the incident is that recently, “Reverse Water Cold” has launched a set of “69 contention servers”. The six-month-long capped level 69 limit has attracted many new and old players to return to the pit. After all, the level 69 period can be said to be one of “Reverse Water Cold”. In the best era of the game environment, PVE and PVP are very fair and interesting, not to mention the newly added content that reduces the burden and reduces the liver.

The above-mentioned guild is also one of them. Taking this opportunity to gather a lot of core members to join the new server of “Reverse Water Cold”, you must know that this guild has moved to a number of games, and has also mainly developed “Reverse Water” for a period of time before. “Cold”, but the conflict between the gangs gradually faded out in the follow-up. This wave of returning to the pit also wants to re-emerge in “Against the Cold”. For this purpose, the goal is to attract many powerful players.

But I didn’t expect that it was not long after I entered the new area of ​​”Adverse Water Cold”, because there were some conflicts with other gang players when recruiting new players. In addition to being a little overbearing, there were also previous grievances and entanglements, so that other people entered “69” The guild players of “contention suit” united to launch a siege against this professional guild, vowing to knock them out of the server.

Outsiders may think that these players are making a fuss, and it’s just a professional game guild. There are so many big gangs in “Against the Cold”, so why bother, but the old players who know it know that this guild has a clear internal hierarchy, and when recruiting male players Looking at combat power, female players mainly look at appearance, etc., mainly because their guild also takes into account the content of accompanying and playing, and even pays salaries to gang members on a regular basis.

Therefore, such a professional guild will inevitably monopolize the resources of the entire server according to their thinking after entering the new area of ​​”Anti Shui Chi”. There is basically no room for other small guilds and scattered players to survive, if they don’t take advantage of them. Suppression, then when they are almost formed, there is no way to resist.

That’s why this wave of other “Falling Against the Water” players has been united as never before, setting off a wave of thousands of people fighting in the game, which is still in full swing. I have to say that even a highly professional professional gang is not very suitable for the development of the game now! What do you think, netizens? Let’s talk to everyone in the comments section.