The Most Beautiful Tai Chi Old Man|Zhao Yuling: “Three Good Tai Chi”

The Most Beautiful Tai Chi Old Man | Zhao Yuling: “Three Good Tai Chi”

——Interview on the medical value of Taijiquan

Zhao Yuling, female, born in 1963. He is the sixth-generation descendant of Yang Shaohou Taijiquan of the Yang family, a national-level first-level referee, and a sixth-dan martial artist. He has won the championship of traditional Taijiquan at the Hong Kong “Wu De Cup” International Wushu Festival; the champion of traditional Taijiquan and traditional Taiji sword in Xuzhou National Farmers Wushu Competition; the runner-up of traditional boxing at the Handan National Wushu Exchange Conference; the traditional Taijiquan and Taiji sword of the Singapore Wushu Exchange Conference champion.

The cold wind suddenly picked up, and the autumn colors were calm, just like Teacher Zhao Yuling who practiced boxing in the early morning. She wore a Tai Chi suit, and as always, she practiced her boxing swords diligently. It took two hours to practice, and this “calm” boxing posture lasted for more than 20 years. As everyone knows, in the past, she was not only not “calm” in life, but very “noisy”.

Learning Tai Chi with a Severe Illness

More than 20 years ago, Zhao Yuling was seriously ill and underwent two surgeries under general anesthesia. During the recovery period after the operation, the Qi and blood were not smooth, which made her already weak body covered with a layer of frost. She bluntly said that it was as if she had fallen into an ice hole, and she was disheartened. The family asked for help in all directions to no avail. Unexpectedly, when he went to the park by chance, his fate “reversed”. It turned out that she saw the Taijiquan team in the park, and she couldn’t help but think of her friend’s suggestion, “Practicing Taijiquan is good”, “How is it good? Just practice!”

With doubts, she followed the Taijiquan team on the recommendation of a friend. After three or five days, not only did she not get out of breath, but her appetite greatly increased. She felt amazing, and her cold heart was hot again. In 2007, she met her mentor Mr. Wang Xiutian. Mr. Wang saw that she loved to learn, practice, and study, so he was admitted to the school and systematically taught Yang Shaohou Taijiquan Shaohou Xiaojia for more than ten years. Zhao Yuling acquired Yang’s Taijiquan 108 basic frame, 228 kungfu frame, small martial art frame, 13 Taiji swords, and 13 Taiji swords taught by Yang Shaohou. The style of his boxing is soft and round, loose but not floating, sinking but not stiff; the boxing is upright and compact, with circles everywhere, small in the middle and big in the inside. With extraordinary insight and continuous practice, she gradually entered the “boxing realm”, got rid of a disease, and gained a good body. She has entered the age of listening, and her physical condition is not inferior to that of young people. She is full of passion for life, and she even changed her WeChat name to “Sister Tai Chi”.

Time to know the taste and experience Tai Chi

A set of boxing, three-step kung fu, diligent practice and hard training are indispensable. In Zhao Yuling’s words, she has tasted the ups and downs, and the salty tastes are soaked in sweat, tears, and pain inside and outside the body. Because there are no shortcuts in practicing Qigong, pulling Jin and pulling out the bones is a must. The taste of Tai Chi must be soaked into the flesh, so that you can have the taste from the heart when you practice boxing, and only then can Tai Chi become an indispensable part of your life.

The taste of time, the fragrance of years. Zhao Yuling said, “I have been practicing boxing since I recovered from a serious illness. I wake up at 4 am every day and rest from 10 am to 11 pm at night. I don’t feel fatigued all day, but I feel that I have infinite strength deep inside my body. This kind of strength has a long history. Every time I see or hear praise from my peers, I feel very satisfied. I know that this is the charm and energy that Tai Chi has given me. No matter how time changes, this charm and energy will never change. At this time, I have already forgotten those sweet and sour tastes!”

The most beautiful Tai Chi with a youthful heart

Childhood Kung Fu dream, Tai Chi blossoms. Zhao Yuling was born in a small mountain village in the northeast in 1963. She liked martial arts since she was a child. She was selected for the school’s martial arts team in the third grade of elementary school. achievement. Later, due to various reasons, the good time of practicing martial arts was interrupted. To continue the “Kung Fu Dream”, it will be decades later, when she is already married and devoted to work. If it wasn’t for a sudden illness, she might have “passed by” with Tai Chi in this life.

“Tai Chi can make me strong in the depths of my heart and endure things that ordinary people can’t bear. At the same time, it also makes me feel young, fearless of time, and strive to grasp the ‘tail’ of youth.” Zhao Yuling said with a smile : “I’m a blessing in disguise. Now I work in the Asian Games Village, engaged in service management. Although it is very hard every day, I don’t feel tired at all. Maybe my mental state is always good, colleagues and friends ask me for any secret recipes, I Talk about practicing Tai Chi!”

Zhao Yuling, who once practiced boxing alone by the lake in the park, has infected many followers with her boxing skills. When people around her want to learn, she will teach them seriously. She doesn’t delay work, she doesn’t delay practicing boxing, and she doesn’t delay teaching boxing. Under the premise of “three nos”, she also concluded that there are “three good” in practicing Taijiquan: First, practice a good attitude, and the “relaxation” of Taijiquan can relieve people’s tension. “Looseness” is not slack, not laziness, but to relieve the body and mind, and avoid impetuous and nervous emotions that affect work and life; the second is to develop a good body. If you are healthy, you will be happy, your family will be at ease, and your work unit will be at ease; the third is to inherit China’s “good culture”. Taiji is a totem of traditional Chinese culture. Taijiquan takes Taiji and the dialectical concept of yin and yang in traditional Confucian and Taoist philosophy as the core idea. Combining the changes of yin and yang, practicing boxing is cultivation, and it means constantly improving one’s personality and xinxing!

Zhao Yuling finally said: “The most beautiful Tai Chi activity for the elderly allows more people to be beautiful in their bodies and minds, and the beauty is in the ‘red sunset’.”

Text / Jianzhuan Luo Wenhui

Photography / Jinhui