The most advanced marketing, Fengxing Yacht penetrates the whole scene with cross-border

Author Madman | Marketing Madman (HLW3600)

Whether it is on the silver screen or in daily life, dance is more and more sought after, such as the trendy and dynamic hip-hop “This! It’s Street Dance”, the classical dance “Only Blue and Green” that reflects the strong national style and contemporary elements, and the modern dance “Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon”, which is constantly innovating…

Recently,Dongfeng Fengxing has also “entered” this trendy territory. Its model, Fengxing Yacht, has joined forces with NetEase Media, CHUC Guangdong Street Dance Alliance, and Guangdong IPTV to jointly create the “LIKE A COOL KID Children’s Street Dance” event, providing countless high-quality families with “Fashion Baby Dance”. “stage.

This trend event set off by Fengxing Yachting, Shantou Station, Guangdong, ended perfectly with applause and screams. Since the popular listing, why has Fengxing Yachting once again become a star in the car circle with innovative marketing of cross-border + scene? It’s worth checking out.


Start from the beginning

The scene is “brocade”, and the crossover is “flower”

Really effective marketing does not rely on tricks, but the original intention at the beginning, which is enough to move people’s hearts. In July, Fengxing Yacht was listed, known as the “150,000-yuan 7-seat family car ceiling” , which was the first time in the industry to define the car category with scenes. For users who are accustomed to the bombardment of fancy advertisements by various car brands, the “scenario” of Fengxing Yachting is more down-to-earth and more moving.

For every high-quality family in China, what they need is not just a means of transportation, but a “mobile space” like home, whether it is one person, two people, multiple people, whether it is commuting, work or urban life. , Camping out, the popular yacht can easily carry any scene.

In addition , from the naming of “Popular Yachting” , to the launch of the first party-style live broadcast real car with the theme of “Tian Liang’s Yacht Party”, to the tasting event with the theme of “Yachting Fun Travel”, to today’s “LIKE A COOL” KID Children’s Hip-hop” event… In all marketing, Fengxing Yachting always adheres to the original intention of “scene”.

This time, Fengxing Yachting launched the event of the dazzling dance of the trendy baby across the borders, accurately insight into the high-quality family’s emphasis on talent, and penetrated into the deeper car scene.

During the dance session around the “boat”, we can see the talented young contestants performing cool street dances around the popular yacht. The calm and fearless dance moves complement the trendy appearance of the popular yacht. Let us seem to see the daily life, parents drive their children to and fro on the road to learn talents, or children, Zhigao, show their talents and stunts in the spacious car and outside the car at any time.

It can be said that Fengxing Yacht is like a spring breeze, moisturizing things silently, and unknowingly came to every scene, entered thousands of households through definition or cross-border, and entered everyone’s heart. In my opinion, this is the most advanced and effective marketing.


User needs come first

Product strength is the foundation of everything

The reason why every marketing of Fengxing Yacht is concerned is that it not only communicates with users with “heart”, but also perfectly integrates the highlights of every product.

In the scene of the children’s show dance, the most eye-catching is the young people who are in high spirits, dancing novel and fashionable dance steps, bringing a very tense visual enjoyment, and ingeniously blending with the popular yacht on the side in the same picture.

Fengxing Yacht has abandoned the traditional and boring shape of the founder, and has created a rather domineering appearance with the distinctive Galaxy LED headlights, the brand-new strong lion logo and exaggerated chrome trim strips, completely breaking the impression of a traditional 7-seat family car. . And, in addition to the appearance, the “wisdom” of the popular yacht is also impressive. Adopting L2+ intelligent assisted driving technology and intelligent network connection scheme, it can be called a combination of “beauty and wisdom”.

From another dimension, the young players have a very dynamic dance in every move, which also makes people think of the popular yacht with surging power output. Although Fengxing Yacht is positioned as a family car, its power combination is not weak at all. It is equipped with a 1.5TD high-performance engine with a maximum power of 197 horsepower, matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox from Magna, and a maximum torque of 300 N m. It provides stable, reliable and strong power support for every family that goes there.

The biggest highlight of Fengxing Yacht’s scene marketing is its “variable space”, which also allows it to have the possibility of diversified cross-border marketing. Fengxing Yacht has an extra-long wheelbase of 2900mm and a flexible 2+2+3 seating layout.

The second-row seats support a four-way sliding function, which can slide 200mm front and rear and 160mm left and right. Its flexibility is far more than that. What will surprise every family is its third-row seats, which can be folded down by 4/6 points, and the trunk volume can be expanded to 1086L.

By building a stage for children’s dazzling dance, Fengxing Yacht allows more families to feel the “user-centered” concept of Fengxing Yacht, and also feel the product strength of Fengxing Yacht’s hard core. In fact, the core of marketing is not exactly like this. Through cross-border knocking on the door of the circle, the product power is fully displayed through scene creation, so that the product can truly impress every user.

Fengxing Yacht has opened up more possibilities for scenario-based marketing through the form of cross-border. The “LIKE A COOL KID Children’s Hip-hop” event is another landmark of Fengxing Yachting on the way of scene marketing. When Xianyi was an angry boy, Fengxing Yachting, like every dynamic dancer, showed himself and his future dazzlingly on the big stage of China’s auto market.