The monsters are wearing cotton pants? The DNF test server exploded, and the game suffered the most ruthless “crab” in history

As we all know, because of the special national conditions in China, domestic games will be harmonious from time to time, like green blood, black blood, flour bags, muscle skeletons, I believe that all players have come to see it.

If you think these are the limits of harmony, you are wrong. Recently, the national service “DNF” test server broke out, and the game content was greatly harmonious. The strength and angle of this harmony is absolutely 360 degrees, with no dead ends in all directions, which makes you exclaim that it can be so harmonious. ?

PS: The UP master “White-faced Chief L” of Station B has organized and shared the harmonious content of this “DNF”. This article borrows the content organized by the UP’s main “White-faced Chief L”.

The following picture is the original picture on the left and the harmony picture on the right

First of all, as an appetizer, of course, it is the harmony of exposure that the majority of players are familiar with. Of course, showing your arms, legs, and stomach are all unacceptable. You have to wrap it tightly and not show it at all.

Not only the characters in the game, the monsters in “DNF” are also treated the same, and any exposure in this harmony is not allowed. Monsters also need to wear trousers and T-shirts like humanoids. They can’t be naked to affect Arad’s city appearance. Even non-humanoid animals should obediently wear trousers and are not allowed to be naked.

In addition to the harmony in clothing exposure, the next step is the harmony of “players can’t see red”. Most of the red elements in the character portraits in the game have been harmonized. Of course, the hardest hit is the familiar ghost swordsman. An awakening profession, whether it is the red arm or the eye, the color has been changed.

Not only the redness of the arms and eyes of the Demon God of Prison Blood was removed, but the wild scars on his back were also harmoniously removed. One thing to say, after the harmony, the white eyes and black arms of the prison blood devil look quite cute, don’t they?

Of course, it is not only for characters, but red in monsters is also not allowed to exist, and they are all cancelled and changed to other colors.

If the above two types of harmony can still be understood by the majority of players, it can be regarded as a relatively common harmony method. Then the following harmonious content focuses on the harmonious attitude of the development team to strive for perfection and critical thinking.

The three harmonious comparison pictures above, do you guys see the difference? I believe that many people can’t tell the difference at first glance. In fact, if you look closely, you will find that the very subtle scars and bloodshots on the characters have been harmoniously removed. To be honest, if it wasn’t for this harmony, I wouldn’t have paid much attention to the little scars on these characters.

Players who often watch movies and TV dramas should know that the existence of supernatural elements is basically not allowed in China, and horror movies end up with dreams or psychological factors. Of course, this requirement must be followed in the game. Souls without legs are of course not allowed to exist, so they are forced to grow a pair of long legs again.

Since supernatural elements are not allowed to exist, religious elements are also discordant elements. All kinds of totem tattoos in the game are all deleted in harmony, and even holy light is not allowed to exist.

Perhaps the most silent and hilarious of them all is the harmonious approach to the “cross” element.

All the cross elements in the game have been harmonized, whether it is the character’s clothing or the skills of the mother and father, all become one word.

Even the cross light in the vertical painting and the cross element in the lens window are all harmoniously removed, which really makes people feel unreasonable and ridiculous.

Seeing this, is it that the harmony of the characters in this “DNF” is unprecedented? too young, too simple! What I want to say next is the most speechless and also the funniest part of this “DNF” Great Harmony.

The English letters M and EX in the skills have all been harmonized and changed to fine and strong.

Not only the English letters in the skill icons, but also the skill icons themselves. Many skill icons that contain horror elements and look scary have all been harmonized. The funniest thing is the skill “Boundary of Blood Qi”, which changed from a hideous smile to a silly smile.

Even emojis have been made by players.

The dungeon icon in the game also failed to escape this harmony, the Dark Thunder Ruins turned into a tramp, and the flaming Graka turned green.

Of course, the content of this “DNF” harmony is not only those mentioned in the article. Due to space limitations, it cannot be shown here. Interested players can go to Station B and Post Bar to learn more.

There is no doubt that the level of harmony in this “DNF” is absolutely unprecedented, with no dead ends in all directions. As for why such a large-scale harmony is carried out, many players currently think that it is to prepare for the review of the “DNF” mobile game, but it is not known whether this is a blessing or a curse.