The monkey is currently not strong or popular, so the monkey will miss the return to vote this year? Still too naive

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This year’s anniversary return skin has been confirmed, and the corresponding rules have also changed, but the overall impact is not large. The more popular skins are still Sun Wukong’s Sun Xingzhe, Han Xin’s Feiheng, Diaochan’s meeting Hu Xuan, and Zhuge Liang’s. Shi Yutian Company and Gongsun Li’s Qi Ling Xue Zhu, naturally the most attention is whether Sun Wukong’s Sun Xing Zhe can win the first place.

In previous year’s anniversary return skin voting, as long as there are limited skins for Sun Wukong to participate, all are one of the top two, so everyone is also looking forward to whether this year’s Sun Wukong Sun Xingzhe skin can maintain this record. Most people are still optimistic. Of course, some players have different opinions this year. They think that the return of the skin this year may have nothing to do with Sun Wukong, so why do you say that?

This part of the players thinks that the core reason is that the strength of Sun Wukong has decreased, resulting in the current popularity of Sun Wukong is not as good as before. Sun Wukong has hardly adjusted in recent seasons, but the version is constantly changing. Among them, the key anti-armor changes, attack speed shoes changes, etc., have a relatively large impact on Sun Wukong. It is getting weaker and weaker. As long as there are a few headwinds in the early stage, it will be difficult for Sun Wukong to play well in the whole game.

Now, in the version where tanks are more popular, there are more big meat in the canyon. Monkey King, a hero who relies on instant bursts to deal damage, is very disadvantaged. This is why many Sun Wukong game anchors have disappeared at the beginning of the season. The reason, after all This experience is especially noticeable at high tiers, and even more so among players. In the previous games, there were at least six games of Monkey King in ten games. Now this number may be at most one or two games of Monkey King in ten games.

This kind of speech is actually a good summary of the current situation of Sun Wukong. There is nothing to question, but the anniversary skin return to vote is not the hero’s current strength and popularity, but the hero’s popularity. This is the core of the anniversary return skin voting.

As early as the previous return skin vote, this has been well explained. At that time, the most popular channels were Yu Concubine Farewell My Concubine, Gongsun Li Tangerine Summer, and Zhuang Zhou’s Cloud Dream Builder. However, Sun Wukong Supreme Treasure suddenly emerged during the voting, and he directly became a dark horse to return to the scene. Like Zhuang Zhou’s Yun Dun Dream Builder, he has been there every year, but he has always been in the running state, and has not been able to successfully return to the scene so far.

The popularity of Sun Wukong, I don’t need to say too much. It is an absolute big IP in China. The skin of Sun Wukong’s Sun Xingzhe has always been said to be more like the original skin than the original skin, because this is the image everyone knows well, and it is the real skin of everyone. of feelings.

In addition, there are also a small number of players who like to “cast monkeys without brains”. At that time, many players could not see the monkey skin coming back every year, so there were various complaints, but this also made many players express disgust, so they They all cast monkey skins. In the words of this part of the players, they like to see players who can’t stand monkeys and can’t cast monkeys.

Therefore, A Maojun feels that this time the skin returns, the monkey’s Sun Xingzhe is still returning steadily. If there is no accident, there should be no problem with the first place. As for the other skins, I am afraid that he can only win the second place. . So, what do you think?

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