The mobile game “Forgotten River Fenghualu” has been suspended for 2 days, and the strongest update since the service was launched.

Absolutely American style, Chinese epic. NetEase’s only American-style mobile game “Forgotten River Fenghualu” is reborn from the ashes and welcomes the strongest update since the server was launched. The annual version of Wangchuan’s [Sweeping Liuhe] is about to be launched. All players, “Shijun”, come and see what updates are available!

The new home system is online

The player “Shijun” can assist the celebrities to “recreate the land of memories” and travel together with celebrities. Xianyang Palace, Sudi, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Huaqing Pond, and Huayang Palace, the new former residences of celebrities and scholars are on the stage. Players can go to Taoyuanju to restore the former residence and experience a more free Taoyuan life.

Battle genre system rebuild

Bagua, Hetu, Luoshu, Guizang, the four major spiritual formations build a new fighting genre, and the skills of celebrities are fully updated. Well-organized formation, brain-burning strategy. Cycle restraint, make a big difference.

New historical simulation management gameplay

The world is like a new game of chess, and the dust and mist of the historical years are removed. Under the choice of the envoy, history will show a different style. The new mode [Sweep Liuhe] is a simulated business gameplay. The player “Shijun” will replace Qin to sweep Liuhe. The game creates a play script based on real history and fully reproduces historical events. Players “make the king” need to improve the historical reproducibility as much as possible on the basis of ensuring customs clearance.

New large-scale character single-player copy

The dazzling deeds of celebrities in Wangchuan have far-reaching influence on later generations. The bamboo slips that record the past of celebrities appear in Wangchuan, and it is necessary for you to explore and fill in the gaps. This dungeon is based on Ying Zheng’s first perspective to unfold the story, and it will be processed and expanded according to Ying Zheng’s life history. At the same time, if you pass all difficult levels, you will also get permanent photos of celebrities.

A new interpretation of the story of Baume & Mercier

The main storyline of October will be iteratively updated. The third chapter of the main story “Human World of Hairpins” and the fourth chapter of the main story “The Yellow Sparrow” will be reset. Cup” will be updated, and the story of celebrities will also usher in a new interpretation. Players “Zhi Jun” can go to the game to experience the plot.

The main storyline opens a new chapter

The well of Jiuquan has been changing frequently in recent days. The ghost king actually manipulated the mirror of the third world to set a trap and instructed his subordinates to go to the old world to stir up the situation! Mainline experience.

There are old friends in Taoyuan, and there are confidants in this world! The new version of the mobile game “Forgotten River Fenghualu” is reborn from the ashes, and the update is back! All players “Shijun” download the game quickly and live in Taoyuan with celebrities through the ages! For more information, you can go to the official website Media platforms (official WeChat, Weibo @王川峰华Record mobile game.