The mobile game against the water has exceeded 10 million reservations, and the first test of intelligent NPC refreshes players’ cognition

The first test “Blind Box Test” of Adverse Water Cold mobile game ended on October 6. The official said that this test “achieved rare, top-ranked and very excellent test results in the history of the game industry and the company’s history”, and at the same time Announced that the number of reservations for the entire platform of Adverse Water Cold mobile game officially exceeded 10 million.

According to the evaluation of players who participated in the first test, the satisfaction level is generally high. In addition to the high evaluation of the screen performance, plot performance, and open world exploration, there is also a player who has also discovered a small detail. Appreciate – Authentic interaction with intelligent NPCs. The NPC will give feedback on the player’s actions, including but not limited to attacking, gifting, stealing, etc., and will remember the player’s behavior to generate corresponding emotions and follow-up attitudes. Even, players can also type and chat with NPCs.

When the player attacks the NPC, the NPC will run around. The NPC will also “hold vengeance” – when the player encounters the player again, the NPC will remember the last experience and directly ask the player “Why did you burn my hair with fire?” At the same time, the player can continue to chat with the NPC, and the NPC will It will respond according to a certain logic.

For another example, some players discovered that there is a trick in the rich rivers and lakes skills of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, which can be used to steal money or props from NPCs. But be aware that when it is implemented in the downtown area, other NPCs will notice the player’s stealing behavior and will stop the player on the spot.

And if you use “Variety and Lost”, players can easily become other NPCs or turn into random objects in the scene to escape skillfully. At this time, the NPC will mistakenly think that other NPCs have stolen his wallet, causing the two NPCs to fight and fight each other passionately.

When the player’s theft is found too many times, he will be wanted by the NPC officer. After being wanted, they will be surrounded and beaten by officers and soldiers while walking on the street. Even if it has been beaten, it may be captured by the fast-identified player. In extreme situations, it may even trigger the hunter to hunt down in person.

After being wanted, in addition to being wanted by NPC, there are other possibilities. The UP master “Fox Liusi” has become a “red name” (that is, the wanted value is too high) and is on a wanted order. The UP thought that it would be the same as the usual routine, just pay a fine or be hunted by NPC, but did not expect the “red name” and the wanted order to disappear mysteriously. Only after opening the letter did I find out that it was because the player and the NPC Fang Chengyi were on good terms with each other on weekdays, and “Master Hou” Fang Chengyi came forward to settle the wanted. The UP put it bluntly “…someone fixed it for me…I feel like I’m living here, I’m here to be.”

Although it is only a small NPC interaction detail, it instantly elevates the atmosphere of the game to a new level, substituting players into this real river and lake. According to the official introduction, the NPC of the mobile game Adverse Water Cold uses machine learning based on the artificial intelligence of “NetEase Fuxi”, which can pass the AI ​​Turing test. NPCs are not only preset programs and codes, but also generate “emotions” through artificial intelligence, allowing players and NPCs to jointly maintain the worldly network of Jianghu. “NPCs will have their own personalities, motivations and behavioral logic, will have [memory] and [learning], respond to changes in player behavior and the environment, and generate manpower to pile up massive amounts of dialogue and game content that are completely unmatched. Walls will be broken.”

Judging from only one detail of the NPC interaction with artificial intelligence, Adverse Shuihan mobile game not only wants to be a traditional MMO by following the rules, but actually wants to make new tricks and use technology and innovation to create a martial arts and rivers and lakes. The open world is also in line with the official statement that “even if the society is afraid, it can be played as a stand-alone game and experience the breathing rivers and lakes”.

The first test of Adverse Water Cold mobile game has ended. The official said that the offline test will be launched in major cities in the future, and we will continue to follow up reports.