The mischievous duo pretended to be fired programmers and tricked a wave of media at the door of Twitter…

(Observer Network News) According to the “New York Post”, the US technology media website “The Verge” and other media reported on the 28th local time, although Musk denied that he would lay off 75% of the staff after he officially entered Twitter, the outside world is still concerned about the company. The movements of the employees are so concerned that a large wave of foreign media even made a collective “rollover”.

On the 28th, when the media were squatting at the entrance of Twitter’s headquarters, two men with cardboard boxes walked by with a dejected expression. They told the swarming reporters that they were Twitter programmers, and that the company had just fired the entire team of data programmers, expressing concern about the future.

“The Verge” reported that it did not verify the relevant information and the identities of the two people from Twitter, including CNBC, Bloomberg, NBC, Fox News, Daily Mail and many other mainstream foreign media immediately reported the outbreak. The news, the result is like to mention the whole network group ridicule – because these guys are not employees of Twitter at all! This group of media has been tricked…

On the 28th local time, Twitter’s documents submitted to the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) showed that on October 27th Twitter and Elon Musk’s control company X Holdings II completed the merger, and Musk acquired Twitter for $54.20 per share in cash. Special, the total transaction value of 44 billion US dollars. After the transaction is completed, Twitter will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange on the 28th local time.

There were three fires when the new officer took office. Musk began to adjust the management as soon as he took office, and quickly fired Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal (Parag Agrawal), CFO CFO Ned Siegel ( Ned Segal, and Vijaya Gadde, head of legal affairs and policy.

Musk pointed out that the men had “misled” himself and investors about the “fake accounts.” Reuters said that as soon as the acquisition was completed, Twitter’s former CEO and CFO were immediately “sent” from the San Francisco headquarters building. However, they are protected by a “golden parachute” clause and will receive a $200 million fee if they are fired.

Another point of concern to the outside world is that it was reported that Musk told potential investors during the acquisition process that he planned to lay off nearly 75% of the workforce, leaving only more than 2,000 key employees.

However, Musk himself denied the claim during a visit to Twitter’s headquarters on the 26th.

On the 27th, Musk came to the headquarters again to chat with Twitter employees

Having said that, Bloomberg still believes that with the current situation of Twitter, relatively small layoffs are still inevitable. Therefore, in recent days, major foreign media have been paying attention to the latest trends of Twitter employees, squatting at the gate of Twitter headquarters.

Then their eyes were attracted by two figures who left with a cardboard box in their arms:

In the face of the long guns and short cannons in front of them in an instant, the two began to perform.

They called themselves Twitter programmers, one named Rahul Ligma and the other Daniel Johnson, who sadly revealed to reporters that Twitter had just fired the entire data A message from the team of programmers.

The dude named “Daniel Johnson” is very involved in the drama, and he even pretends to be “fired at a Zoom meeting”.

He told reporters with a melancholy face that he had been a programmer for 6 years, and when Musk was in charge, the entire team was gone, “I also bought a Tesla, and now (without a job) I don’t know what to do. to pay the bills.”

The one with glasses is “Daniel Johnson”

It was made up to be a good-looking person, and he fooled all the media in front of him.

“The Verge” reported that many mainstream foreign media, including CNBC, Bloomberg, NBC, Fox News, Daily Mail, etc., immediately released headlines saying that “fired Twitter employees are leaving the headquarters building with boxes.”

A tweet from CNBC reporter Deirdre Bosa went viral. “(Layoffs) are happening. The entire team of data programmers has been fired, these are two of the employees,” she said. “They were obviously shocked.”

However, it didn’t take long for the report to arouse a lot of doubts. In particular, many 5G surfing netizens were quick to discover that the name of one of them, “Rahul Ligma”, was actually derived from a vulgar Internet meme involving genitals.

With hindsight, Bloomberg and CNBC realized it might be a hoax and began to make up for it in their reports. The latter said in an update that it “couldn’t immediately verify the identities of the two men” and “couldn’t confirm whether Twitter fired employees,” while Fox News and others deleted relevant reports.

The latest tweet from CNBC reporter Bossa also seemed a little exasperated: “There is chaos outside Twitter headquarters, has anyone been fired? Are they teasing the media? Unfortunately Twitter does not return calls.”

Another CNBC reporter asked the front desk of the Twitter company, who was reluctant to comment, but “never met these two people.”

Although the true identities of the two men are still unknown, a new report from The Verge confirms that they are indeed not employees of Twitter, but are playing a prank.

According to the New York Post, Twitter’s product manager Paul Lee (Paul Lee) retweeted CNBC’s false report and criticized: “On the first day of the new owner, a mainstream news media did not even do basic investigations and was arrested. It’s ironic that an actor’s mischief was deceived and led to the spread of misinformation.”

Paul mocked: Do you take a look at the cardboard box for a “Little Blue Bird” logo? We don’t need Zoom either!

The media collectively overturned, laughing crazy Twitter netizens, “This is too funny, two people who pretended to be fired employees of Twitter made the American media miserable!”, “None of the reporters thought it was strange, they just released it like this, Looks like humor is trending on Twitter again.”

This wave of farce obviously won Musk’s heart. He sent several tweets to ridicule the matter, and also said that CNBC had published a “king bomb-level” report.

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