The mid-range machine is crazy! Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition image + fast charging power, the flagship machine is not standard

What would your budget be for a smartphone with a 200-megapixel camera sensor that takes 9 minutes to fully charge? Okay, the author will give you the answer directly here: 2399 yuan!

Yes, this phone comes from Redmi’s latest Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition. As the first “Exploration Edition” of the Redmi Note series, it not only has the most powerful charging efficiency at the same price range, but also has the largest pixel count. The camera sensor, and other aspects almost “copy” the configuration of the flagship machine, it is a veritable bucket mid-range machine.

So, what other aspects of such a “top student” in the same price range surprises us? Which students are it more suitable for? Come and find out with me!

What is the part of the phone that people touch the most? It’s the screen! Therefore, the primary task of a mobile phone is to provide users with a good screen, and a more intimate one can also provide a screen with low blue light for eye protection, and the entire Redmi Note 12 Pro series adopts the OLED flexible straight screen design adopted by the flagship phone. , Note12 Discovery Edition uses a 6.67-inch OLED flexible straight screen with a hole in the center, and this screen is also a screen arranged like a drill. Its excitation brightness is as high as 900nit, which is already a very good existence in the same price range; it It also supports 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, 160 million-level dimming, 10bit color depth, 100% P3 wide color gamut, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, etc., and even it intimately supports hardware-level low blue light design, which makes We can have a good screen for eye protection, which is almost equivalent to the enjoyment of a flagship machine at a price of 4/5000 yuan.

This screen is not only very impressive in terms of parameters, but in terms of visual effects, the official also tries to make it as perfect as possible. For example, the advanced COP packaging process design adopted by the whole system, such as the extremely narrow design with the lower frame of the screen narrowed to 2.9mm, in the Today, the full screen has been completely standard, and these designs of it are also the details of the flagship mobile phone.

If the screen is the external part of a mobile phone that people recognize, then the processor as the core hardware can be considered as the most important internal part for people to recognize the new phone – and the Note12 Explorer Edition has a MediaTek Tianji 1080 processor for this purpose. This is a 5G chip that pays more attention to the balance of performance and power consumption, supplemented by the three core technologies of MIUI 13’s unique focus computing, atomic storage and liquid storage, plus system-level tuning of memory expansion technology and IO Turbo. As a result, the Note12 Discovery Edition has a superior and long-lasting smooth experience. Although it is not an extremely extreme 5G flagship core, it is a mid-range processor with good overall overall quality.

The Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition also broke the shackles of the thousand-yuan model that did not pay attention to images for the first time. It made a comprehensive “leapfrog” improvement from hardware sensors to software. The hardware part is equipped with Samsung HPX 200 million pixel ultra-clear camera sensor, and auxiliary The flagship 7P lens and ALD ultra-low reflection coating technology are combined with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + a 2-megapixel macro lens to form a powerful rear three-camera system, with a larger aperture, support The characteristics of ultra-clear mode output allow people to use the Note12 Discovery Edition to easily shoot video blockbusters with online resolution and quality details, breaking the situation that the imaging capabilities of mid-range mobile phones are somewhat “perfunctory”.

The hardware part is as shown above, and the software part of the Note12 Explorer Edition has added the support of Xiaomi’s imaging brain to improve its photo-taking experience from imaging speed, photo preview speed and photo-taking experience; it not only continues the rich Xiaomi camera gameplay, but also newly added film The gameplay of the camera provides more choices and gameplay for some geek players and photographers, and improves the effect of the direct proofs of the Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition.

From 10W fast charging to 120W, the charging efficiency of smartphones has been greatly improved. This is not only an improvement in power, but also an improvement in efficiency! However, the difficulty of upgrading from 100 watts has suddenly increased. We have seen the 150W fast charge before a friend of the business – but it only increased in power, and the improvement in efficiency is not obvious. But this time the Note12 Discovery Edition came directly to a “king bomb” – the dual GaN 210 super flash charge makes its charging efficiency directly enter the 9-minute aging period, which is extremely significant compared to the previous 100-watt charging efficiency, and this is also the current The fastest charging phone ever!

Cooking instant noodles, watching news or even listening to a talk show will complete the charging. Is this Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition enough to amaze you? If that’s not enough, it also arranges full bucket-level arrangements such as multi-function NFC, stereo dual speakers, 0809X-axis linear motor, infrared remote control, and reserved 3.5mm headphone jack, so that you can get a comprehensive and rich experience enough?

This is the new “exploration version” of the new generation of Redmi Note King Kong. From the current point of view, it really catches up with the flagship phone in terms of screen, image, charging and other aspects, and is even comparable to the flagship phone. The black technology has spread to the mid-range machine and even the future thousand-dollar fuselage. Although there is a clear separation from standard flagship phones in terms of processors and other aspects, if you do not pursue very extreme performance and pay more attention to the overall quality of a mobile phone, then it is really very good in the second half of 2022. A mid-range choice

Buying advice:

This mobile phone is very suitable for working class, students who do not have high requirements for mobile phone performance, student parties, parents and elders, etc. It has excellent charging efficiency and super image resolution. It is also very suitable for heavy mobile phone users and students who like to take pictures!