The master of Western “archaeology”, when he arrived at Panjiayuan, he was not even at the level of a kindergarten

The master of “Ancient Rome” and “Archaeology” in the West, when he arrived at Panjiayuan, he was not even at the level of a kindergarten

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2021-10-24 07:00

The most embarrassing thing about Western archaeologists is that they don’t have the common sense of forging ancient cultural relics – making them old. In China, even dealers in cultural relics who did not graduate from elementary school are proficient in this point – there is no way, the Chinese culture is too profound. Some people who talk about “ancient Greece and Rome” and “archaeology” could have been a teacher in the Western archaeological circles as long as they went to any cultural relics market in China for two years of study.

Finished writing “Discovered Tang Dynasty “Roman Baths” in Xinjiang? This is an absurd joke” After writing the article, I felt that I couldn’t finish it, so I typed out the following words.

The West has no history books. It is said that the West has archaeology, and relying on “archaeology” to get the “history of European civilization” to 10,000 years.

Believe it or not, there is a story about a person without a family tree digging a grave and actually compiling a family tree of a hundred generations of ancestors.

What’s even more amazing is these.

Don’t tell me you don’t know, Western academia is amazing.

One day last year, I saw a Weibo saying that in Turkey, a mosaic of an ancient Roman villa 2,000 years ago was unearthed.

After I saw it, I immediately decided it was fake and said:

“People who study, research, and disseminate ancient Western history and who love Western archaeology must go to Panjiayuan to study for three years.”

Soon some netizens affirmed my statement and pointed out with reason:

“This is obviously fake. Anyone who has played with the life pit knows that whether it is jade, glass (called Liuli in China) or ceramics, the surface and soil will be combined together. It is very laborious to clean, and it takes a long time to soak in water. It’s impossible to be clean like this.”

Why do you think it’s fake? Because this is new, buried in the ground at most three or five years ago.

Above and below: Freshly unearthed “Ancient Rome” mosaic floor

Why do you say that the mosaics of this ancient Roman villa must be new?

Because ceramics that have been buried in the ground for a long time must have traces of water rust and soil rust, and the longer the time, the deeper the traces.

Just look at the Song Dynasty (960-1279) ceramics unearthed in China.

Let’s look at the unearthed Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) porcelain.

Chinese porcelain has been buried in the ground for hundreds of years and becomes like this, while the porcelain of “Ancient Rome” that has been directly buried in the soil for 2,000 years is as new as ever!

There is no doubt that this ancient Roman villa and mosaic floor, like the ancient Roman cultural relics of “Jim is here” in the UK, were buried underground at least three to five years ago.

This is really too embarrassing.

Unfortunately, this is the age of the Internet. As soon as the “archaeological news” came out, it was unanimously ridiculed by the majority of domestic netizens. Therefore, some domestic “experts” who planned to use this to promote ceramics did not dare to say anything again. These experts have no choice but to continue to preach ancient Roman artifacts “unearthed” before the Internet age.

The West has no historical and cultural background, and no real ancient cultural relics have been unearthed at all. Western “archaeologists” have no idea what ancient cultural relics look like. Therefore, they seriously lack relevant knowledge—-everyone in the Chinese cultural relic circle knows Common sense that no one knows.

What Western archaeologists lack is far more than this, they even lack scientific common sense. Therefore, Western archaeologists have made countless big jokes about ancient Roman archeology, such as:

The city of Alexandria in Egypt, which was still a vast sea 1,000 years ago, turned out to be the place where the ancient Roman Caesar and Cleopatra fell in love 2,000 years ago, and it was also the capital of science in ancient Rome, where the ancient Roman calendar Julian was born. (Click to read: To college students: The time in ancient Greek history is all forged)

Julius Caesar led an expedition to Africa, without navigation equipment, the fleet directly crossed the Mediterranean Sea, and came and went freely; (Click to see: To college students: The Minoan civilization in ancient Greece is a serious challenge to the public’s IQ)

The capital of the Roman Empire is only 20 square kilometers, and it has a population of more than 1 million. This population density is one of the highest in the world today when there are many skyscrapers. (Click: Ask an Expert: What is the population of Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire?)

Such anti-intellectual “archeology” and “history of ancient Rome” are too numerous to enumerate. Including the “Ancient Rome” Pompeii ruins and murals that were transported to China for a touring exhibition some time ago, they are also super anti-intellectual and anti-scientific (click to see “Anti-intellectual “Ancient Rome” Pompeii Ruins and Murals”).

This is all to blame: there are no history books in the West at all, and there are no reliable historical records. That’s why the West came up with such an unreliable “History of Ancient Rome”.

A sigh!

The West, which lacks common knowledge of ancient cultural relics, has come up with a “archaeology” that is so bullish that some people are flocking to it!

Some Western archaeologists have even reached an unreasonable level. For example, I saw on Weibo some time ago that an archaeologist from a super university in the United States discovered 5,200-year-old “ancient Egyptian writing” on a mound in Egypt in 2017.

The ancient Egyptian archaeologist in the United States said: The text on the mound below,

It was engraved by the ancient Egyptians 5,200 years ago

This is “scientific” Western archaeology!

Professor Huang Heqing said after inspecting the “Ancient Greece” and “Museum”:

Because during these 13 days in Greece, I was stimulated almost every day, and it was a traumatic stimulus (traumatisme)!

In my impression, during the period of the Republic of China, transliteration of Spanish nouns was often used. The word inspiration seems to be translated into “Yin Si Thunder Training” or something like that. Almost every day I was struck by thunder, and the thunder made me burnt on the outside and blurred on the inside, and my seven orifices smoked.


In Greek museums, there are too many brand-new things, but all of them are marked with “antiquities” hundreds or thousands of years ago. Any object should always be placed in the air, underground or water, but these “ancient objects” have no traces of two or three thousand years!

This is the Western “ancient cultural relic” exhibited in the Western History Museum.

A long sigh!

The most embarrassing thing about Western archaeologists is that they have no common sense of forging ancient cultural relics—-

make old

. Since it is a forgery of ancient Roman cultural relics, at the very least, the thing must first be made to look like it has been around for thousands of years! In China, even dealers in cultural relics who did not graduate from elementary school are proficient in this point – there is no way, the Chinese culture is too profound.

In fact, any Chinese who is willing to learn a little (it has nothing to do with the degree of education), as long as he has nothing to do, he can go to Panjiayuan – any cultural relics market in China to walk around, have a look, and learn a little. In five years, you can become a master in Western archaeology.

That is to say, some people who talk about “Ancient Greece and Rome” could have become mentors in the Western archaeological circles.

The following is a screenshot of a WeChat article, which can be regarded as literacy for some people, so that they can guide the Western archaeological community: quickly learn to be old.

I will provide a batch of WeChat article catalogs for some “experts” to read in depth. The last one is confidential information, some experts are requested to convey it to Western archaeologists as soon as possible. Before the next “archaeology”, first find this Zhejiang manufacturer to order a batch of “Ancient Roman Porcelain” and bury it somewhere. Conduct targeted “Ancient Rome” and “Archaeology” and implement live broadcasts, so this big event can be achieved.

In the coming period, “experts” must admit (privately): the masters are among the Chinese people.

Congratulations to the progress of “Western Archaeology” and its early entry!