The marketing bottleneck of the food and beverage industry, “Peace Elite” breaks it with “game marketing”!

In recent years, the food and beverage industry has been the largest piece of the red sea in the influx. As people’s daily necessities, the demand for food and beverages is huge, but the companies involved are also huge, creating a fiercely competitive environment in which you can’t advance or retreat. As the key to breaking the bottleneck in the industry, how to attract Generation Z to attract these generations who grew up with fragmented information through diversified media and innovative marketing methods has become an extremely difficult problem for countless companies.

At this time, the game world represented by “Peace Elite” has handed over its own successful cases one after another on the basis of winning the favor of many brands. These cases will be presented to everyone with the 2022 Peace Elite Cooperation Ecological Resources Exchange Conference held by Peace Elite.

1. Break the traditional marketing and prefer young people who pursue spiritual needs

For today’s young people, the satisfaction of material life makes everyone begin to pursue spiritual enrichment. For things that conform to their hobbies, such as commodities that conform to their emotional, social and other spiritual values, Gen Z is willing to give generously.

1. Co-branding to joining the WTO, from the virtual world to the Master Kong linkage of appetite

As a convenience food that contemporary young people love very much, Master Kong Spicy Beef Noodles seized the opportunity and launched a third cooperation with “Peace Elite”. From the linkage custom props launched in the game, to the launch of branded products in super digital scenes, and then to the display of interesting interactive interactive content, each of them has been loved and recognized by young users. The marketing slogan “True Brothers, Let’s Eat and Drink Spicy Together” has reverberated in the game circle to this day, and the topic of “#藥秀手力战#topic” has been read by 120 million.

2. Wang Xiaoluo, who broke through the dimension, traditional products meet new marketing

The representative of the new brand in the traditional industry, Wang Xiaoluo and “Peace Elite” cross-border launched the “Dali New Year Limited Gift Box”, which has achieved huge benefits and improved word of mouth. During the linkage period, the topic of #大吉大利吃鸡鸡# soared, with 230 million reads and 580,000 discussions, which was unprecedentedly popular. The two sides joined hands to break the dimensional wall, dilute the boundaries between “eating” and “playing”, and created a new atmosphere for Wang Xiaoluo. A successful marketing case.

Conform to digital development, or become a new password for the growth of the beverage and food industry

Whether it is Master Kong, a traditional brand of modern products, or Wang Xiaoluo, a new brand of traditional products, both of them have demonstrated their current trend attributes through their cross-border linkage with “Peace Elite”. This model allows young people to have a different experience with the brand and hit their “strike zone” directly.

For a long time, video games, as the pioneer and cutting-edge application of the digital age, constantly refreshed the new frontier of technology, and on the other hand, with the new possibilities different from traditional marketing, they also revealed boundless commercial possibilities. Unlike the previous time and space constraints, users can experience the game anywhere, while completing the consumption of marketing, and colliding with unexpected sparks. In the future, food and beverage brands will be able to use this feature to more and more link themselves to the spiritual needs of players, which is to create new possibilities for game marketing.

2. There are countless cases of breaking the dimensional wall. Why is “Peace Elite” more suitable?

Among the countless game linkages that break the dimensional wall, the successful cases of “Peace Elite” are vivid in our minds, because they are a marketing model based on the digital age and new technology operation mode through new models and new platforms, and are also food and beverages. A rare new opportunity for industry brands.

1. New application of super digital scene, the success of visualization

As a trendy cultural symbol and entertainment lifestyle of young people, the scene shaping of “Peace Elite” is extremely attractive. From the buildings and scenery in the game, to the props and utensils, everything is based on “visualization”, which allows the cooperative brands to get high-frequency exposure in the linkage with “Peace Elite”. With this model, the content of cross-border cooperation can be more fully displayed, creating a unique “super digital scene” that can be welcomed by all major food and beverage brands.

2. In-depth communication with young groups, new possibilities for “competition and travel linkage” marketing

The main user groups of “Peace Elite” are young people aged 18-35, which are full of potential in terms of purchasing power and personality. At the same time, the e-sports event and derivative program system of “Peace Elite” organically integrates competition, exploration, and entertainment, and the game’s sociality and opportunities to break the circle far exceed other works. The competitions headed by the Peace Elite Professional League provide brands with the opportunity to face core players directly; competitions such as “Popular Competition” and “Famous School Cup” can cover cultural tourism, colleges and universities, business and other scenarios, and will be more extensive The number of light users are absorbed, so that “Jingyou Linkage” provides more possibilities for brand cross-border cooperation.

3. A virtual world intertwined with reality, moving towards the process of youth

In addition to the game, the interactive gameplay of “Peace Elite” based on real life and commercial scenarios allows the brand to meet players face-to-face, and play with players in the game in a way that is within reach. While building a younger image for the brand, it also makes linkage empowerment no longer just a “conception” in the super digital scene. With the spread of the popularity of “Peace Elite” and the continuous iteration of the game scene, this is related to the brand marketing scene, and the in-depth customization of the marketing gameplay module can naturally effectively bind the brand and the game scene, and play the brand joint name to a new height. .

In other words, under the blessing of the new digital scene, the limitation of “Peace Elite” is no longer the technical inadequacy or the effectiveness of the catalyst, but how to make the marketing more innovative and refreshing. Taking this Peace Elite Cooperation Ecological Resources Exchange Meeting as an opportunity, “Peace Elite” will become an important position for food and beverage brand marketing in the future.

With the rapid development of digital technology, the boundaries between the virtual world and real life are blurring, and various things in life can be reproduced in the virtual world, and even deepened to a higher level. With the deepening of the cross-border linkage between food and beverage brands and “Peace Elite”, with the strong inclusiveness and influence of the game ecology, and with the help of the boundless communication ability of the virtual world, this traditional industry will surely be activated again and bring a new life to life. The consumption enthusiasm of the generation group.

Let us expect that under the background of the successful holding of the Peace Elite Cooperative Ecological Resources Exchange Conference, the food and beverage brands that join it will surely create an “open world” full of vigor and vitality with “Peace Elite”!

(Source: Food and Beverage Industry Watch, Editor: FoodBevDaily)