The little elephant and the big goose released the signal to enter the entertainment industry, PDD and Peng Yuchang cross-border linkage

The development of the short video and live broadcast industry has led to the rise of countless Internet celebrity anchors. At the same time, related brokerage companies have also taken advantage of this shareholder wind and have achieved rapid development. In the game live broadcast circle, Little Elephant Big Goose is undoubtedly the leader of the circle. Whether it is the number of anchors or influence, it belongs to the status of the industry leader, and it is also widely recognized as the largest MCN in the game circle.

If an excellent company wants to achieve long-term development, it must have enough foresight. On the premise of ensuring its position as the leader of the game circle, Little Elephant and Big Goose are still actively involved in other fields. Recently, Big Goose has released the signal that he is going to enter the entertainment industry. At the 28th birthday ceremony that Peng Yuchang won, he made PDD and Peng Yuchang cross-border linkage, and teamed up to score points at the birthday party.

PDD is one of the core anchors of Little Elephant and Big Goose. In terms of personal influence alone, PDD can be regarded as a well-known role in the game circle. Little Elephant and Big Goose let PDD and Peng Yuchang work together across borders , it is also enough to see that the company attaches great importance to this matter. Of course, in terms of results, this cross-border linkage has also achieved very good results.

This is the first chat between PDD and Peng Yuchang. The two have never dealt with each other before, but they can chat very well in the game, and Peng Yuchang is also a big boy who likes to play games. After playing Everlasting, during the live broadcast, the game of Yongjie boundless, the official also specially came to the live broadcast room to send gifts, and the line was filled directly.

PDD’s fan base and Peng Yuchang’s fan base can be said to be very different in terms of interests and hobbies, but this time the collision of live broadcasts has received very good positive feedback. The anchor and the stars are having a good time. , the audience in the live broadcast room is naturally very happy, and the live broadcast room is full of laughter.

This cross-border linkage is also a signal that Little Elephant and Big Goose is releasing to the outside world that it is going to enter the entertainment field. I hope that Little Elephant and Big Goose can call on its own more powerful anchor resources next time to cooperate with more stars. Everyone Can keep expectations together.