The list of 17 men’s basketball players is full of old faces. Du Feng did not choose a new player.

  On October 29, Beijing time, the latest training list of the Chinese men’s basketball team was announced. The 17 players in this list are all “old faces” of the national team, and no newcomers were selected.

  The 17-man Chinese men’s basketball team training list:

  Sun Minghui, Zhu Junlong, Wang Zhelin, Ren Junfei, Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie, Wu Qian, Lu Wenbo, Wang Yibo, Zhou Peng, Shen Zijie, Gu Quan, Jiang Weize, Zhu Mingzhen, Abdu Salamu, Zhou Qi.

  The list includes 4 players from the Guangdong team, while the CBA defending champion Liaoning team was not selected. Zhou Peng and Ren Junfei, two veterans, returned to the national team.

  Media person Li Yinan believes that this is a somewhat “conservative” list of Chinese men’s basketball teams. All 17 people have been selected for the national team. Except for Wang Yibo, the other 16 people have represented the national team. 12 people participated in the World Preliminary and Asian Cup this summer.

  According to Li Yinan’s analysis, some national players performed mediocrely in the first stage of the league, but Du Feng still brought them. Because they understand and are familiar with the system of the national team, and also have more experience in competitions. In this short-term training camp, what is needed is to be able to fight and form a combat team as quickly as possible.

  The reason is that the Chinese men’s basketball team has no way out and can’t stand the accident. During the fifth window of the World Preliminaries, the Chinese men’s basketball team needs to lock the tickets for the World Cup as soon as possible. Facing Iran and Bahrain, if the Chinese men’s basketball team can win both games, they will qualify two rounds ahead of schedule. On the contrary, the suspense of qualifying will be left until the last window period in February next year.

  According to Li Yinan, Du Feng also inspected some young players on the spot, but in the end, he chose the group of people he trusted the most. Newcomers may bring surprises and hope, but also uncontrollable unknowns.

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