The lineup of the LCK Asian Games was announced, the ratings of netizens are very real, and the two LPL Korean aids are far ahead

Recently, the popularity of the e-sports circle has been very high. I believe you have seen a lot of content in this regard. Although the MSI World Championship is over, there are still many rhythms about the World Championship. For example, the LPL is cheering and cheering. Various activities, but the LCK side is completely opposite. The players are complained by a large number of netizens.

After this game is over, this year’s competition is considered to be over. Next, there will be two competitions, one is the S game, and the other is the Asian Games. This year’s Asian Games is different from previous years. This year’s e-sports is an official event , If you can win the championship, it will really win glory for the country.

Now there is a gap in the strength of the players in the two competition regions. In order to win the Asian Games, the LCK side broke the boat and directly announced that Chidi and Kanavi were selected for the e-sports lineup of the Asian Games in South Korea. Many people complained about them on the one hand. Improving the lineup strength of the Asian Games, on the other hand, wants to weaken the strength of JDG.

After this incident, many people came to complain, saying that the team is completely driven by these two players. Some people also gave their own ratings after the announcement of the LCK Asian Games lineup. Every player has his own rating, and The ratings of netizens this time are very real, and the two LPL Korean aids are far ahead.

We saw that the top laner Zeus only scored 5 points. Although it is very low, it is considered high compared to other players, because the mid laner faker only scored 4.1 points, and Chovy was not much better, only scoring 4.2 To be honest, I personally think that faker should be stronger, and this score is quite appropriate for a change.

Among the other players, Keira’s score is only 4.5. From this point of view, Zeus’s score of 5 is really not low, and coach kkoma’s score is 7.1. After reading the scores of these players, let’s take a look at the two LPL Korean players. The scores of Chidi and Kanavi both reached 95 points, far surpassing others.

This gap is indeed too big. The scores of these two players are more than double that of the other players. This also shows who the players everyone supports. The LCK’s approach is indeed not very good. When I came back to the game, Korean players would not be allowed to train in the Korean server even if they don’t usually play. It’s too speechless. Do you have any complaints about this?