The level of intelligence has been upgraded, and the Lion Ecology will be released in 2023 and will be installed in Xingtu Yaoguang

On October 27th, Starway Motors focused on the interpretation of the multi-dimensional layout of Lion Ecology 2023 with the theme of “Yaoguang sees the future. To put it bluntly, Lion Ecology 2023 will be applied to an important model of Starway Motors – Yao. Light.

By 2023, Starway’s global presence will reach 20 overseas countries. From January to September this year, the sales volume of Starway reached 36,412 vehicles, an increase of 67% year-on-year, realizing the rapid development of the brand and becoming the first independent car brand whose overseas sales exceeded domestic sales. Today, with the continuous advancement of the globalization process, Starway has officially entered the brand 2.0 era, and the Yaoguang model is the strategic model for Starway to move towards the self-developed brand 2.0 era.

In fact, in September of this year, Chery Group officially released the “Yaoguang 2025” forward-looking technology strategy, covering the four major technical fields of Mars architecture, Star Nuclear Power, Lion Intelligence, and Galaxy Ecology. 13 core technologies including cloud platform and ecosystem. A bunch of cool names, doesn’t it sound a bit complicated, simply put, it’s the platform, powertrain, vehicle and intelligent systems.

Xingtu Yaoguang is a model based on Xingtu M3X Mars Architecture 2.0. In this event, the manufacturer mainly focused on the interpretation of the intelligent cockpit, and proposed: “With a more intelligent vehicle-machine system, 400,000 smart cockpits will be achieved. cockpit.”

He Lei, Director of Intelligent Cockpit Development of Starway, said that Lion Ecology 2023 is the specific implementation of Yaoguang’s 2025 strategic plan, in order to touch the core advantages of what you achieve, understand what you think, and take care of what you need, to create a smart driving ecology, Zhiyun ecology, smart cabin ecology, and smart data ecology, build a lion ecological intelligent ecosystem.

Yaoguang’s interior is equipped with a 24.6-inch curved dual screen, built-in Qualcomm 8155 chip and Horizon J3 assisted driving, which is also the mainstream chip chosen by many manufacturers at present, supporting WHUD, ARHUD, 50W mobile phone charging and other functions. The Galaxy Ecosystem Interactive System on the model provides four major research directions: software and hardware ecological services, OTA, smart data, and TSP.

According to the data released by the manufacturer, the combination of Snapdragon 8155 + Android11 ​​can realize the quick start of the car within 4 seconds, the voice dialing in 4 seconds, the face recognition in 5 seconds, and the continuous input of more than 20 voices in 30 seconds. In terms of reaction speed, the response is very fast. Of course, the accuracy can only be concluded by actual experience.

Yaoguang also creates intelligent scenes, realizes multi-mode interaction, and covers more car usage scenarios. For example, Yaoguang supports emotion recognition function, and can actively push relevant playlists through emotions; it has four-tone zone technology, precise voice control, and the rear passengers can also achieve accurate voice recognition in high-speed or noisy environments; super ID function can Realize “one person with multiple vehicles, one vehicle with multiple people” cross-vehicle login, when driving with friends, you can switch your own account, and use face recognition, voiceprint, NFC, Bluetooth, mechanical keys and other methods to quickly bind Set account.

Yaoguang also aggregates third-party advantageous ecological resources to create an intelligent ecology. It not only has custom modes such as baby mode, birthday eggs, and romantic eggs, but also has applications such as mini games and singing bars, allowing users to enjoy fun anytime, anywhere.

This time, the Starway brand mainly interprets the Lion Ecology 2023, which is Yaoguang’s smart cockpit. If compared with the vehicle engine system of joint venture or imported fuel vehicles within 400,000 yuan, the system does have strong competitiveness. But don’t ignore one thing, other Chinese brands and new power car companies are indeed very introverted in the development of car-machine systems. Rich functions are only one aspect, and the more important thing is the human-computer interaction experience. Of course, as a travel tool model product, technological configuration and intelligence can improve convenience and fun for the model, but it can only be said to be an added value, and the core is product technology. As an important product of the brand, does Yaoguang have product power? Wait for the actual car to give an evaluation.