The latest gameplay of “Absolute Interpretation”! Bring you an immersive experience of the rapid rise of female stars in the fashion circle!

The entertainment industry theme is not new in the game, but there are not many games that can achieve all-round immersion and simulate every detail of the entertainment industry in place. NetEase’s mobile game “Absolute Interpretation” is the only outstanding mobile game in the entertainment industry. In the game, the player is an actress who has worked hard from a stand-in to a popular actress. She can usually shoot commercials, appear on variety shows, and shoot film and television dramas, which can be said to be exactly the same as the lives of female stars in reality.

Recently, “Absolute Interpretation” has launched a new fashion circle system gameplay, and many players have expressed great expectations. Being in the entertainment industry, fashion resources are essential, and it can be seen that “Absolute Deduction” is really trying to restore the ecology of the entertainment industry. The fashion circle system launched this time will start from three aspects: outfit management, image design and fashion resources, so that players and artists will become fashion darlings with extraordinary temperament!

As a female star, you must be equipped with a senior designer. In the game, players not only have designers to measure their style and provide fashion advice, but also recommend corresponding suits and styles. Creating a shape can increase the style level and gain rhythm value.

In addition to dressing management, the makeup team is also essential. The designers in the game will match the overall makeup and hairstyle for the players and artists. It really restores the treatment of female stars in reality 100%!

After your own temperament and dressing up, you can unlock more first-line fashion resources, be invited to participate in the shooting of fashion magazines, and become the cover task of top magazine publications. In the highly competitive entertainment industry, fashion resources are no less important. How about picking a good script!

I have to say that this new way of playing in the fashion circle really has the feeling of the entertainment circle in reality. “Absolute Interpretation” will never disappoint in terms of immersion. Soon, the new way of playing in the fashion circle will be opened. Do you have any expectations and views on the gameplay?