The Lakers are the only undefeated team for the 2nd time in the season. The last time the Lakers were only 8 teams

  Beijing time on October 30th, after the Sacramento Kings beat the Heat at home today, they achieved a season victory victory. Of the 30 teams in the league, only the Los Angeles Lakers have yet to win.

  Statistics show that this is the second time in the history of the Lakers that they have become the last team in the league that has not won a regular season victory. In the 1957-58 season, there were only eight teams in the entire NBA.

  At present, the Lakers have suffered consecutive losses at the beginning of the season, which not only prevented them from winning, but also fell directly to the bottom of the league in their ranking.

  How long will the Lakers have to wait for their first win of the new season, and when will they be able to look forward to new hope?

  (Shen Wei)

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