The king, Wang Zhaojun, explores the field of vision with double grass, raises awareness and will carry out the freezing to the end, the next national service is you

Hello everyone, Wang Zhaojun’s skin has been launched recently, and a new voice pack has also been launched for the legendary skin of high value, which also slightly increased Wang Zhaojun’s popularity. Let’s take a look!

Since Wang Zhaojun has released a new skin, I believe many people have already started it. This time, Wang Zhaojun’s skin can be said to be a legendary skin with high quality and low price, and it is also a legendary skin with high cost performance. Happy but not. So if the players who have started the skin are still struggling how to play Wang Zhaojun well, let’s learn together with the game owner!

First of all, let’s take a look at Wang Zhaojun’s passive skills. Wang Zhaojun’s passive can provide him with a shield with a certain amount of HP. When the shield is broken, the movement speed and attack speed of surrounding enemies will be reduced for 2 seconds. attenuation. Wang Zhaojun’s enhanced basic attack will also cause a freezing effect to the enemy, which will also cause a slowdown. Then some friends will ask, why other people’s Wang Zhaojun can’t move me when I slow down, and when I play Wang Zhaojun, the slowdown is the same as nothing.

Here we need to understand when Wang Zhaojun’s freezing effect will take effect. Only when Wang Zhaojun uses skills or strengthens his basic attack will the freezing effect be applied to the target. Then, when facing the enemy, we have to constantly intersperse flat A in the middle of the skills. Three flat A attacks will result in an enhanced general attack. Wang Zhaojun can also stack the number of basic attacks to achieve enhanced general attack. But the main point of the game is that if the king is leveling A in the grass, as long as the range of the leveling A is greater than the length of the actual grass, the opponent can see Wang Zhaojun’s leveling A, and his position will be exposed, so in the grass leveling A, try to keep your flat A range not exceeding the grass.

Wang Zhaojun’s one skill can get double grass vision. I believe many people don’t know this. When we are playing Wang Zhaojun and want to use one skill to explore grass, we can put one skill in the middle of the two grass lines. , so that you can get a field of view of two grasses . The actual field of vision obtained by Wang Zhaojun’s first skill is much larger than the casting range of the first skill. Mastering this, I believe that you will not be afraid of being squatted on the opposite side when you play Wang Zhaojun.

I believe that many people will never freeze when they play Wang Zhaojun. Wang Zhaojun’s second skill has a high priority , and the control time is very long. If you master the hit timing of the second skill, you are not far from the national server. .

The easiest is to cooperate with the control of your teammates to pick up the freeze, which is 100% freeze-free, provided you have a teammate who cooperates with you. Gui Zhao, who has been very popular recently , used the instant control of Guiguzi pulling people to cooperate with Wang Zhaojun’s freezing to achieve Wang Zhaojun’s effect of freezing people 100%.

If your teammates are not good, you still have to rely on yourself. After all, the peak game is a person, so you can’t rely too much on your teammates. How to improve the second skill hit rate? We can achieve a high freezing rate by releasing the ultimate move in advance to cause a continuous freezing effect on the enemy, slowing down its movement speed. The second is to release the second skill by predicting the opponent’s movement and thoughts, but I believe that many people cannot predict it in place. After all, some people do not fully understand the skills of many heroes, and they do not know when the opponent will do it. .

Wang Zhaojun’s life-saving skill is to refresh the shield of his ultimate move . When facing a protruding hero like King Lanling, he can release his ultimate move in time to obtain the shield when his own shield is broken, so that he will not be killed in seconds. result.

Game owner personal opinion

When you play a lot and experience enough, you can rely on your consciousness to freeze people. Come on! I believe you are the next national costume Wang Zhaojun! How do you feel about this? Comments welcome.