The King: The Warriors list was updated, Arthur fell to T1, Xiahou Dun was T2, and he returned to T0 regardless of rank

As players become more and more familiar with the game, the strength of warrior heroes can be said to increase in a straight line. Although warriors mainly play against the road, after the optimization of the transmission mechanism, the gameplay of top single warriors is more diversified, and quick support can be selected. Teammates can also invade the enemy’s jungle, causing many players to want to use fighters to score higher, the fighter list is updated, Arthur fell into T1, Xiahou Dun T2, and he returned to T0 regardless of rank.


Many players say that Arthur is a “golden oil” fighter, because he can be competent in multiple positions and has no weak period, but the hero is only a T1-level fighter now, and the popularity has dropped a lot. Although Arthur has no weak period, but The damage of this hero has always been relatively uniform, especially in the later team battles, Arthur is obviously a little powerless, and his team battle ability and counter-attack ability are average, and the pace of the version is now faster, and the number of team battles has increased significantly, so now many players have already Started to give up using Arthur.

Xiahou Dun

Although Xiahou Dun is a tank-type fighter, he can deal real damage and has a very comprehensive skill attribute. However, Xiahou Dun can only be a T2 fighter now. Many players say that his strength is underestimated. The hero’s skill attribute is indeed very good. He is comprehensive, can resist and fight in the later stage, and has a strong ability to start a team. However, this hero is more prone to teammates, especially in teamfights. Once Xiahou Dun enters the field, teammates must keep up with the output, otherwise it will be difficult for him to withdraw from the battle. So now many players who play solo queue don’t like to use Xiahou Dun very much, because many times teammates don’t trust each other.

Regardless of rank, he returned to T0

Lu Bu has returned to the T0 list this season and has become a T0 fighter. Since the Yellow Sabre Lv Bu was weakened, some players have said that Lu Bu is no longer good, but this season’s Lu Bu has risen strongly again. In fact, the Yellow Saber Lv Bu has weakened. , the strength of Lu Bu in normal builds is still very high. Although Lu Bu has a long development cycle, in fact, the hero is not weak at level 2, because the passive can deal true damage, and the second skill also has health recovery and shield, so the ability to rely on the line is still strong.

After level 4, Lu Bu began to usher in his own strong period, because the ultimate move has a certain ability to start a team and can counterattack, and cooperate with teammates to cause a fatal threat to the enemy. Lu Bu’s gameplay is very simple. After finishing the line, you can roam to support your teammates. In the later stage, you can use big moves to fight first, or you can split the battlefield with the second hand. As long as Lu Bu’s equipment is in shape, his basic attack can deal tons of damage, and he can even take five in team battles. The ability to kill, if you want to use the warriors to divide your friends, don’t let Lu Bu try, the strength will not let you down.

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