The King’s Glory experience server is updated, the old master has finally been cut, and Ming Shiyin has adjusted again

Hello everyone, after the 25th, the experience server ushered in a new round of updates on the 28th. In this update, a total of seven heroes have been adjusted. Among them, the old master whose strength exceeded the standard in the official server was finally released this time. It’s nerfed, so what other heroes have been tweaked? Let’s take a look together.

1. The old master is weakened. Basic attributes: Basic health: 3370 (+270.4*Hero level) → 3370 (+255.4*Hero level), 2nd skill: Slow effect: 50% → 30%. In the last update, Li Xin, whose win rate and appearance rate were lower than that of the old master, was weakened, so the weakening of the old master this time is also expected. The weakening of the basic health value reduces the frankness of the old master, and the slowing effect of the second skill is weakened, which also reduces the clinging ability of the old master. Although this change is a weakening of the old master, the overall impact is not very big, because the damage of the old master has not been weakened, and these two changes will not affect the old master’s mechanism, so the old master is still very strong on the side.

2. Gongsun Li is weakened. Basic Attributes: Base Attack Power: 173 (+13.5*Hero Level) → 158 (+14.5*Hero Level), Passive: Mark Damage: 150 (+20*Hero Level) → 100 (+25*Hero Level). Gongsun Li’s basic attack power and passive mark damage were weakened in the early stage and increased in the later stage. Gongsun Li’s changes seem to be flat, but it’s not, because Gongsun Li’s most important thing is to suppress in the early stage, and the rhythm in the mid-term, and the early and mid-term are weakened. This is undoubtedly because of Gongsun Li’s main artery. However, if the early and mid-term can be smoothly passed, the damage in the later stage will increase, and it is still a very strong shooter.

3. Zhao Huaizhen strengthens. Passive Skill: The displacement distance of the first attack of the basic attack when full of energy is increased. This change will make Zhao Huaizhen more flexible. After all, the increase in the displacement distance is equivalent to one more flash, and this enhancement also allows Zhao Huaizhen to better move through the wall.

4. Jiang Ziya is weakened. Passive Skill: Conferred Divine Power: Removes the invincibility effect during Conferred Divine Power. This change has a great impact on Jiang Ziya’s gameplay. It was possible to use the invincibility effect during the conferring power period to avoid some damage. Now that it is removed, the fault tolerance rate of Jiang Ziya’s team battles has been greatly reduced.

5. Sea and Moon weakened. Skill 1: The maximum range is reduced by 50. Haiyue’s current strength in the official server is still very high. This time, only the maximum range of the skill has been weakened by 50.1. This effect is not very big, so after the weakening, Haiyue is still strong.

6. Ming Shi Yin is weakened. Skill 1: Basic damage: 85 (+25/Lv) (+0.2Ap) → 50 (+30/Lv) (+0.2Ap). On the 25th, the deceleration effect of Ming Shiyin’s first skill was removed, and the basic damage of the first skill was also weakened. This adjustment is based on the 25th, and the growth damage has been increased from 25 to 30, but Compared to the official service, it is still weakened.

7. The data of Su Lie will be returned to the official server. Su Lie’s appearance rate is low, and his winning rate is not high. This time the data is rolled back to the official server. I don’t know if it will be strengthened in the future.

In addition to the adjustment of the above seven heroes, there are three hero bugs that have been fixed.

Fixed the issue that the effect of the death skill would take effect incorrectly when King Lanling casts Invisibility;

Fixed the problem that Sun Shangxiang’s enhanced basic attack occasionally showed empty guns;

Fixed an issue where Sima Yi could not use precision basic attacks to select targets;

The above is what the game owner introduced to you, some adjustments about the experience server update. By the way, guys, what do you think of this adjustment? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!