The king’s 7th anniversary surprises are endless, Shiranui dance becomes the head of the hundred demons, and the new skin steals the limelight

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For the King of Glory players, this time is really happy. After all, there are many surprises, especially for skin lovers, it is another good time to collect skins. Players all know that before you know it, the glory of the king has ushered in its 7th anniversary. At this happy moment, there will be no shortage of official activities of the king, such as the familiar return skin voting, and the anniversary skin. It’s very exciting, and there are even free skins, just log in and share.

In fact, the old players also know that when the Guiguzi anniversary skin is released, the skin rain is destined to come. After all, the official will not only make this anniversary skin. No, it’s a big move, and it took away the limelight of the returning skin all of a sudden, that is Mai Shiranui’s skin, limited skin Feiyuexing.

As an SNK hero, SNK itself is very precious, so every SNK skin will not disappoint players. No, this time Shiranui Wuxing’s Hiroshi Xingxing is directly full, red is the main melody, Shiranui Wu is the head of the hundred demons, the image of the moon demon is very good, the moon demon born from the lunar eclipse, the power of the demon moon is the core The source of power, the element of this moon, is everywhere. You can observe in detail how many moons there are.

With such a card-faced skin, the action of returning to the city is naturally not bad. It can be said that it is extremely characteristic in returning to the city. When returning to the city, a red moon is in the sky, and Shiranui Wu quietly waits for the call of the red moon. Leave a line of verse and disappear.

Old rules, new skins are discounted at the beginning, all loyal fans of Mai Shiranui, hurry up and start, don’t miss the opportunity. This hero with an extremely important position on the KPL stage is worth buying a new skin for Mai Shiranui, a frequent visitor to the peak duel.

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