The king’s 7th anniversary skin returns, and all wb members cast monkeys to cause controversy, and the 19-year history may repeat itself

I don’t know when it started, “There are monkeys to vote for monkeys, no monkeys to vote randomly” seems to have become the default principle of King of Glory players when they encounter returning to vote. It means that when the skin they want can’t get the return quota, the water friends will directly vote for the skin of the monkey, so that other people can’t get the skin they like. Destroyed mentality.

As for why you voted for the monkey hero, we actually have to start with the legacy of the King’s Glory. At that time, King of Glory was not high in terms of the number of heroes or the quality of its skins. The scarcity of heroes led to few heroes that everyone could play, and the quality of the skins was average and most of them were sold directly, which also made players interested in returning to the event. Not so caring.

Therefore, at that time, most of the people who could seriously participate in such voting activities were elementary school students. For these children, Sun Wukong itself is a popular IP. And in the game version at the time, monkeys could also be killed in low-end games, and the operation was simple and easy to get started. Therefore, the monkey has become the first choice hero for elementary school students to play in the jungle, and it is their destiny.

In addition, the two skins that Sun Wukong participated in the return of that year, a supreme treasure, and a great sage marriage, are supported by the nostalgic IP of “Westward Journey”, and the production itself is very beautiful. Therefore, as long as these two skins participate in the voting, it is basically a victory at the crushing level, and there will be no chance for other skins at all. It is useless to let players who like other skins jump around.

Therefore, in this case, everyone gradually gave up on this kind of voting activities, and even played related stalks, pretending to be elementary school students and asking their relatives and friends to vote for Monkey King. However, it is not that the curse of all people voting for the monkey has not been broken. It was in a vote in 2019. Although the popularity of Sun Wukong’s skin was still very high, people who were tired of this broken stalk finally united. Even The major anchors also ended up with rhythm, and only then did the magic cook girl debut, destroying the prestige of the monkey.

However, although they won a short-lived victory, the number of “anti-monkey party” is still less than the number of “monkey party”. In the limited skin return of the 7th anniversary event of the king this time, the number of votes for monkeys is still far ahead. other skins. Even the members of the professional player wb team all voted for monkeys because there were monkeys in their own benchmarks. It seems that the number of monkeys has been stabilized for another year.

personal opinion:

But in fact, the return vote is to show support for the skin you like. Regardless of whether a good result can be achieved in the end, as players, we should still vote for the skins we really like according to our original wishes, rather than randomly voting for fun. This will only affect the official judgment and miscalculate the popularity of a certain hero, which will lead to mistakes in decision-making and damage to both parties.