The King of Glory Anniversary will return several skins, return prediction analysis, when will the World Championship start

Hello everyone, there are several skins 2022 coming back to the King of Glory Anniversary Celebration. The Glory of Kings Anniversary Return Vote has recently been opened. There are 5 skins for this return. The following editor will bring you the 2022 Anniversary Return Skin of Glory of the Kings. Interested friends, let’s take a look.

King Glory’s anniversary return will return several skins

The 2022 anniversary return skin can be purchased from November 12th to November 18th. There are a total of 5 return skins this time, and friends can buy up to 3 of them.

The skins with the 1st to 2nd place in the 2022 anniversary return skin voting can be purchased, and this will be the last direct sale return, and the skins with the 3rd to 5th votes can choose one to buy.

The 2022 returning skin voting will be gradually opened on October 28. The optional skins are: Cao Cao – Sirius Conqueror, Diao Chan – Meet Hu Xuan, Da Qiao Baiheliang Goddess, Dian Wei – Daizong, Gongsun Li – Qi Xueling Zhu, Hua Mulan – Tacit Contest, Luban No. 7 – Table Tennis Junior, Lanling King – Tacit Confrontation, Mi Yue – Bai Jingjing, Lei Shen Envoy – Bull Demon, Nezha – Dream Wing and so on.

The King’s Glory Anniversary Return Skin 2022 has been shared above. Interested friends can refer to this guide, hoping to bring help to all players.

The following introduces the game time of the Glory of Kings World Championship in 2022 and when the World Championship will start. The World Champions Cup, the highest-level event of the Glory of Kings, is coming, so when will this year’s World Championships start, and when will the World Championships in 2022 be played? The editor below brings you the 2022 time of the Glory of Kings World Champions Cup Introduction, let’s take a look.

Glory of the King World Championship match time 2022

1. Game time

Trials and Wild Cards: Open at the end of November

Main Stage Group Stage: Begins on December 3

Finals: December 30

2. Venue

Twin Cities Model – Shenzhen, China, Seoul, South Korea

3. Team composition

In the main group stage of the World Championship KIC, 16 teams from different countries and regions will participate, including 8 places in the KPL division and 8 places in the other divisions.

The above is the introduction of the relevant content about the Glory of the King World Championship game time 2022, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. What do you think about this? Comments welcome.