The jazz album “Onmyoji” is released, and the courtyard background music function is online!

There are jazz notes flowing in the air, and the special notes in your hands emit a charming fragrance. Onmyoji jazz music project’s first album “ONMYOJAZZ·life” has been officially launched on NetEase Cloud Music! During the event, log in to the game to receive 10 garden background music for free.

【The first jazz album of Yin Yang division is online】

Before the maintenance update on November 23, you can unlock the “ONMYOJAZZ · life” dual-platform limited single “Memento”, dual-platform dynamic avatar frame · Soul of the Clouds, Netease Cloud by purchasing the jazz digital art package in the game or Netease Cloud Music. Music-exclusive linkage theme skin, linkage limited jazz digital artwork.

【”ONMYOJAZZ·life” album Trailer】

Behind the closed door, the unique aroma spreads slowly along with the rhythm of the tune; push the door open along the music, and a bizarre scene will appear in front of you.

Welcome to Onmyojazz Bar –

【Exclusive Monster Special】

Go to the Onmyojazz Bar, and the special host, Yan Mo, will deliver an exclusive monster special tone for Onmyoji. The real recording in the music bar is delivered!

【”ONMYOJAZZ·life” Creation Collection Activity】

From now to November 23, Onmyoji will have the opportunity to win cash prizes and NetEase Cloud Music Vinyl Annual Card members by submitting specified content on NetEase Cloud Music, Weibo, Station B, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu according to the participation rules. waiting for precious rewards.

Album listening portal:

【Collector’s Edition color vinyl record gift box】

Onmyoji jazz music project “ONMYOJAZZ·life” is under supervision of the first limited edition color vinyl album gift box.

[About “Onmyoji” mobile game]

Netease’s self-developed flagship IP, beautiful and ethereal, classic semi-real-time turn-based RPG, card collection and development, social PK based on LBS technology, the new plot is ups and downs, and hundreds of shikigami need to be awakened… .. “Onmyoji” is waiting for you to start a mysterious fantasy journey!