The iPhone 14 Plus is “unsatisfactory”, and the channel price has dropped by a thousand yuan. When will you start?

Netizens: The price reduction of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is an inevitable result. In addition, judging from the current market situation, the two standard models, including the iPhone 14 Plus, seem to be “special machines” for e-commerce.

For netizens’ judgment, in fact, I think it is somewhat reasonable. In other words, compared to iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Plus lacks some attractiveness in terms of hardware parameters and appearance design. After all, the iPhone 14 Pro series also has Smart Island and Apple A16 chips.

Therefore, from the analysis of the paper parameters, the iPhone 14 Plus is definitely a “unsatisfactory” role. Of course, if combined with the current sales of the iPhone 14 Plus, this phone may not be very “competitive”.

According to the report of Sina Technology Official Weibo:

“Recently, quotations from third-party channels show that the iPhone 14 Plus has become the one with the largest price reduction among the four models of the iPhone 14 series. The quotation shows that the cheapest color of the iPhone 14 Plus is red, and the price is 5,950 yuan, which is 1,049 yuan cheaper than the initial price. At this time, it has been less than half a month since the first sale of the iPhone 14 Plus, and the iPhone 14 Plus has become Apple’s fastest price reduction mobile phone in recent years.”

From the above information, in fact, the iPhone 14 Plus is basically “positioned”. In addition, it can also be seen from the report that the price reduction of the channel price of the iPhone 14 Plus is indeed a bit large. But as netizens said, the iPhone 14 Plus may have a relatively large market space if the price has been reduced, and it may even become a “nail household” model.

Of course, the views of netizens are not without logic. At least the iPhone 14 Plus is not bad in terms of hardware configuration, so that it is more attractive than many Android phones. In addition, the current price reduction of the iPhone 14 Plus also seems to mean that this phone will have a stronger presence in the next market competition.

Because according to the understanding of netizens: iPhone 14 Plus only has a price cut, and the final transaction price will be in line with its hardware configuration. After all, there is already an iPhone 13 Pro Max proofing in front. Then, the iPhone 14 Plus cannot be too expensive.

Even though this phone has a 6.7-inch screen and the strongest battery life in the iPhone 14 series, the configuration is still not dominant compared to the price that users perceive the strongest. So, what if the iPhone 14 Plus has a large screen, strong battery life, and even the front camera supports autofocus?

However, having said that, once the price of the iPhone 14 Plus during the Double 11 period is closer to the expectations of ordinary consumers, I am actually quite optimistic about it. As I mentioned just now, the obvious advantages of this phone are currently overlooked by everyone. When the price is right later, it may become the attraction of the iPhone 14 Plus.

why? There are two reasons: first, consumers recognize an Apple mobile phone, configuration is second, and price is the key. The iPhone XR of the year is an example. Second, the iPhone 14 Plus will not work anymore. It also has a full-blooded version of the A15 chip, an iOS system, and a well-tuned rear 12-megapixel dual-camera lens. In essence, the user is still recognized.

Now, it is nothing more than a factor of price that makes the iPhone 14 Plus a bit “overwhelmed”. Talking about this, I especially want to know: When do you plan to start the iPhone 14 Plus? Do you think the iPhone 14 Plus is worth buying? Everyone, you can leave your opinion in the comment area for your reference.