The iPad broke on the first day of the market? Why is Apple’s high-hope iPad not working?

In the world consumer electronics market, the iPad is undoubtedly an important electronic product. As Apple’s most famous product line, the iPad has a phenomenon of breaking the first day of the new product launch. Many people are asking about the iPad that Apple has high hopes for. Why doesn’t it work? How should we look at this?

1. The iPad broke on the first day of listing?

According to the daily economic news report, the new iPad 10 and new iPad Pro on Apple’s official website. Although there is no press conference, after the launch, it still likes to mention many hot searches, which arouses attention.

Surprisingly, after Apple launched the new iPad this time, the price of the iPad series products sold on the official website is “all bullish”, which makes the waiting party shout “it’s too late”, and many people turn to the second-hand market to seek higher cost performance. Products of.

As a result, this week, these two iPads were officially released, and they broke on the same day, and the third-party prices were lower than the official website price by 200-500 yuan.

At present, on some third-party e-commerce platforms, the 64GB iPad 10 starts at 2,988 yuan, a drop of 611 yuan from Apple’s official website price of 3,599 yuan. This price is not only close to the price of the iPad 9, but even lower than some high-end Android tablets.

The first sale of the new phone caused a heated discussion among netizens, and it also entered the hot search list. Some netizens believe that the price after the break is more cost-effective and said that “the third-party price is worth a wave of 24 interest-free periods.” Some netizens also said that “my iPad pro can fight for another five years”.

In terms of configuration, compared with the iPad 9 released in September 2021, the main differences of the iPad 10 are the use of a USB-C interface instead of a lightning interface, the bionic chip on board has been upgraded from A13 to A14, and it supports 5G networks. The iPad Air 5, released in March 2022, supports a newer generation of Apple Pencil and has a slightly stronger chip than the iPad 10.

2. Why does the iPad, which Apple has high hopes for, fail?

We saw that the iPad broke on the first day of sale. Many people are asking what is going on, and how should we analyze the current performance of the iPad?

First of all, from the perspective of the development of the entire market, the iPad broke on the first day. In fact, it is not surprising at all. The core reason is that the current iPad is actually in a very special situation, and the overall price of it is relatively high. High, in fact, is not conducive to the overall development of the iPad. The first reason for the break is that the overall price of the iPad is relatively high, which has exceeded most people’s market expectations for the iPad. Once this expectation is broken, it is easy to break on the first day of listing.

Secondly, we can say that the current break has become the norm. This year, Apple has actually broken the first day of the market many times, not only the iPad, but also the iPhone. It even appeared on the hot search. This is closely related to the low cost performance of Apple’s series of products this year, so we say that the current problems with iPad and iPhone are actually the result of the relative problems with Apple’s pricing strategy this year. After all, for consumers all over the world, everyone is gradually chasing cost-effectiveness. Under the situation of gradually chasing cost-effectiveness, if you cannot truly promote the sustainable development of the entire market and truly meet the needs of the market, it is easy to appear The phenomenon of breaking on the first day of listing.

Third, we take a closer look at the current logic of tablet development across the market. On the one hand, there is a serious downward trend of consumer electronics in consumer goods all over the world, and a large number of mobile phone consumption is in a state of rapid decline. The decline is actually quite normal. Under such a general trend that the entire market is not good, it becomes very logical for the iPad to break. On the other hand, tablet computers have actually had problems in this track. The original reason why Jobs wanted to launch tablet computers was to be a track-type product between smartphones and ordinary laptops. At that time, this track It is a pain point, but now as smartphones get bigger and bigger and laptops become thinner and lighter, the market space for tablet PCs itself begins to gradually decrease, and the market no longer needs so many tablet PCs, and naturally it does not need that much. More iPads.

Fourth, from the perspective of long-term market development, the current problems faced by the iPad are actually very clear, that is, the entire market is in a downward state of relatively high pressure. The market advantage of the iPad is likely to show a gradual decline in the overall track. Once such a trend is formed quickly, it will be a very big blow to the iPad.