The Internet celebrity Langweixian is extremely thin! The cheeks are sunken and the bones are obvious, which is suspected of having a stomach surgery

On October 29, the topic of Internet celebrity Langweixian losing weight made it to the hot list. As a food broadcaster, he suddenly lost weight recently, and his physical condition has attracted attention and heated discussions on the entire Internet.

It can be seen from the exposed video that Langweixian’s originally round face has almost no fat at all, and the cheeks are sunken, especially the collarbone is very obvious, and the whole person is like a big change.

He was wearing a women’s top, and the tight clothes looked extra large on Langweixian’s body. His skin was fair and bloodless, and his thin body aroused heated discussions among netizens.

Many netizens left messages asking him how he was so thin, and some people bluntly said that they almost didn’t recognize it was Langweixian, and some even speculated whether he had undergone gastric surgery or had hyperthyroidism. For a while, there were mixed opinions in the comment area.

It can also be seen from the dynamics of Lang Weixian’s personal social platform that in the video on the 25th, he is exquisitely dressed, and his figure is much thinner than the people around him. His long hair is scattered on his shoulders. In fact, everyone will mistake him for a girl.

I saw Lang Weixian cooking for everyone in the company. When he tied up his hair, the profile of his face was clear. When he spoke, the veins on his neck burst out and his fingers were slender.

When someone asked Langweixian in the comment area if he had performed surgery without telling everyone, he replied, “It was done live, didn’t you watch it?” It seemed that he was responding to speculation from the outside world.

Friends who have watched Shibo will not be unfamiliar with Langweixian. He is the first generation of big stomach king. With his unique style, he quickly became popular on the Internet. He has millions of fans on short video platforms, and has successfully transformed from big stomach king to Food blogger, his commercial value can be regarded as unparalleled.

However, the gender issue of Langweixian has always been the focus of everyone’s attention. His original name was Li Hangze. Although he was a boy, he always showed himself as a woman. When people first knew him, they always regarded him as a girl, but after learning that he was a boy, they complained about him.

Previously, Lang Weixian gave up his account with millions of fans and started to update the trumpet account instead. At that time, many netizens were wondering if there was something wrong with him.

It was not until You Xu, the partner of Langweixian, came forward to explain that everyone knew the reason. You Xu said that Langweixian took the employees to establish their own business, and took away the company’s camera equipment and materials. The behavior of betraying the boss made everyone’s impression of him to the extreme.

Now, Lang Weixian has caused controversy because of his thin body. I don’t know if there is a problem with his physical condition. I hope he can still take good care of his body.

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