The image of King Ada in the reprinted version of Shengsi was exposed, and the comments of netizens were polarized?

Article source: small black box – Aoie-ze

Last week, the Resident Evil 4 Remastered trailer and some real-world demos were revealed.

Last week, the Resident Evil 4 Remastered trailer and some real-world demos were revealed.

  • Players expressed that they are looking forward to this newly fried cold rice, and the picture quality in the promotional film is also significantly improved compared to the old 4th generation.
  • However, the audience’s reactions to the new image of Aunt Wang in the promotional film were mixed.

I simply intercepted a hot comment from a related video:

Most of the netizens who think the new image is not as good as the old version below the video.

  • I wrote an article before and collected the images of Ada Kings in the past dynasties. The tastes of the readers are surprisingly similar, and they all think that the auntie Wang of the fourth and sixth generations is the most classic.

  • Players unanimously believe that the appearance of Auntie Wang of the fourth generation is the most amazing, while the sixth generation is the image of King Ada in the game that players think is the most perfect.
  • Does the advancement of technology make the modeling of the game regress? In my opinion, there are two important reasons.

Change of shape: cheongsam → sweater

  • Many viewers have already mentioned that King Ada in the trailer has changed from the old version of the high-fork cheongsam to a tight sweater. The visual impact of the two is not on the same level.

Players who are the same as the 4th generation product will inevitably compare with the old version.

  • Although from the point of view of rationality, wearing a cheongsam to perform special tasks is indeed nonsense, but compared with the large area of ​​exposed skin brought by the high-fork cheongsam, the red sweater of the reset version seems to be at a lower price.

Anime filter for players

The reason why anime and 2D have a large audience is because it can create some characters that are called perfect from the outside and inside.

  • This is also the reason why 99% of many anime remakes into TV series will overturn, and the leather man is easier to gain fans than idols.
  • When the second generation was reset a few years ago, the new second generation Ada had already exposed this problem: the character used a real face model, which made many players not used to it.

  • To put it simply, the game modeling is too realistic and does not match the game in the two-dimensional background.
  • This will give a large number of players a sense of disobedience. This is actually not the fault of the company and the players, but that the players unconsciously put on “a pair of glasses” when they play games by themselves.

A more famous example is the Tifa of the ff7 remaster next door. At that time, there were many opinions on the Internet that the remastered Tifa was inferior to the appearance of the 2005 theatrical version of “The Advent of the Son”.

  • The reason is that the appearance of Tifa in the CG movie is more in line with the two-dimensional aesthetic, which is one reason why netizens think that the sixth generation of King Ada is the most perfect.


Therefore, the appearance of King Ada of the fourth-generation reset version is not low.

  • It’s because the corresponding shapes in the works of the predecessors are too good, and the animation filters that come with the players make the Ada Wang in the promotional film somewhat unsatisfactory.

  • However, the unsophisticated modelling exposed in the promotional film and the more abrupt dubbing of King Ada are real problems.
  • The styling issues can be resolved with DLC and player mods, while the dubbing hopes Capcom can reconsider.

  • Of course, in addition to this, I am still looking forward to the new shapes of monster elements such as left and right hands and regenerators in the reset version.