The IG scandal was exposed, the Korean aid was treated differently, and the three S8 champions sued the team in a group

The World Championship is currently underway. Many teams have performed very well, but some teams are far from satisfactory. So far, only one team from JDG has not been eliminated in our division. They are likely to face each other next. For the challenge of T1 and GEN, I hope JDG can successfully win the championship and keep the championship trophy in LPL.

There are still two or three days before the game, so everyone will start to pay attention to the content of the transfer period when you have nothing to do. Recently, it is the transfer period of LPL. Many players can’t wait to join other teams, and some teams are starting to rebuild. , forming the Galaxy Battleship to hit the championship next season, such as BLG.

There is news this season that they will form the S8 champion lineup, the top laner theshy, the mid laner rookie, the jungler Ningwang and Xiaotian, AD JKL, the support or Liu Qingsong, such a lineup is indeed very strong, if it is determined to be the case , it is really possible to win the championship next year, but we still don’t know if it is really, we can only wait for the official announcement.

Just when everyone was saying that this was the IG remake of the S8 season, the scandal of the IG was exposed immediately. It was exposed that they treated Korean aid differently and owed players salaries and bonuses. They have not received them yet. The whistleblower also said that it is not only RNG that will owe wages, and IG is actually not glamorous, and they are also riddled with holes.

Now that their arrears of player wages have been exposed, it is also because the three champion players of S8 have sued the team in a group, they are theshy, rookie and duke, they are exposed and will sue the IG club, in order to recover the arrears of wages and bonuses, also I don’t know why, they only decided to defend their rights until now, maybe IG has no reason to look for it.

They have used legal means so directly this time. They must have been negotiating for a long time. It has been 4 years since S8, and they must have talked privately many times. After all, there is still a relationship. It must have been intentional to find fault, so there is no way to go through legal channels, so many people are on the side of the players.

And many people also said that treating foreign players like this is really ruining the name of our competition area. Think about it in a different way. If the players in our competition area go to other competition areas to develop, they will not be able to get the salary they deserve when they publish their results. Will it cause public outrage among netizens in our competition area? The same is true for them. After this incident, Korean netizens also complained about them. Many netizens complained about IG, saying that they were really ashamed and thrown abroad. What do you want to say about this?