The Huasheng Temple in Putuo Mountain, the champion of Fantasy Westward Journey’s new science server battle, shows how this big guy can rank in the whole server

Recently, we have successively displayed the Wuzhuang and Demon King hardware of the Putuoshan team, the champion of the new science and service battle. This time Xiaosheng brought the team’s pillar of Huasheng Temple to show. The boss gathered all the six stunts of anger and many clean Taiwan pets. Without further ado, let’s get to the point!


God costume display

150 Rage Cloud Belt

Defense 97, blood 392, full black gem

Anger stunts are standard for giants, and their attributes are almost the same as the 160-level national standard.

But after all, there is still 8 points of speed missing, and the boss is looking for 160 angry clouds or broken armor!

160 double plus Luohan knife

Initial injury 556, physical resistance double plus 65, 16 forging sun 684 injury

The special effect is caused by dyeing, the red knife is really cool

Put the big stunt on the weapon, and then cooperate with the high double plus to achieve a good combat effect

160 crystal clear male head

Initial defense 103, magic 188, 16 forged moon 295 defense

Excellent attributes, special skills are necessary for manpower

Whenever the bloodline of the team is in worry, Jingqing at this moment is like timely rain

160 laughing shoes

Agility 66, Defense 108, full black treasure, super high attributes

Accurately attacking with a smile can resolve the enemy’s key stunts, and can also make the opponent’s mentality collapse

160 pairs of men’s clothing with water

Initial defense 293, body sensitivity double plus 68, 16 forging moon 485 defense, increased a lot of resistance

Shuiqing can be unblocked by a single unit to ensure the firepower output of teammates or listening to the truth

160 broken armor Shennong necklace

First Spirit 232, 16 Forged Relics 328 Spirit

Sunder Armor is often used in the national standard point kill lineup, which is a perfect match with Little Death

Shennong can improve the recovery effect of drugs, a good trick

The boss is fully equipped with the Angry Shennong plus six special skills, which improves the recovery ability to the strongest. Moreover, Huasheng is basically a versatile lineup, ranking first in appearance rate, and it can be said to be a strong shield in front of his teammates.


Spiritual display

Level 140 Six-Speed ​​Front Row Ornament

11 Forging Starlight, Level 8 Walking

Ring defense 29 bursts 1, speed a total of 34 bursts 4

Earrings are protected against 28 national standards, with a total of 37 explosions and 7

Level 140 Six Magic Defense Rear Row Ornaments

11 Forging Starlight, Level 8 Walking

The ornament speed is 29 explosions and 9 explosions, and the French defense has a total of 103 explosions and 19 explosions.

Bracelet anti-blocking 29 explosions 1, legal defense a total of 102 explosions 18


pet display

10 Skills Watching Sumeru Listening

Quick and adequate four-wheeler with anti-sealing and high sensitivity

639 potential points can be switched to full magic or high-speed form at any time, making the opponent hard to guard

10 Skills Watching Sumeru Listening

A good five-wheeler with anti-sealing

Close to the full magic point, can increase the burst output of the scene, in order to play an overwhelming advantage

12 Skills Clean Taiwan Good Demonized Boy

Qualification growth is average, there is a lot of room for growth

The survivability of the clean station of good and evil can also focus on the fire to take away the crispy skin of the enemy, and gradually become the mainstream starting pet.

11 Skills Clean Taiwan Good Demonized Boys

Average qualifications, but high growth

The potential full-bodied blood volume can break through 10,000, and the opponent is too big to deal with

11 Skills Clean Taiwan Good Demonized Boys

Qualification is enough for growth

You can add a little bit of resistance to make yourself more resistant to beatings

11 Skills Clean Taiwan Good Demonized Boys

The defect of this baby is low meditation, and it is easy to fall into the predicament of insufficient battery life.

11 Skills net platform barrier demonized boy

Offensive and defensive resources can be seen, and it will be enough in more than a month

With the reduction in the number of appearances of the phantom snake, the high blood single barrier can play a good role in clearing the pet

10 skills net platform barrier death law to prevent children

The next magic horse skill is even more perfect!

In fact, if you are not afraid of trouble, you can achieve the effect of “perpetual motion” every time you bring this magic horse and beast to the competition suit and shoot again.

The above is the main hardware display of Putuoshan Huasheng boss. Do you think he can rank in the auxiliary list?