The horoscope to measure wealth: the horoscope is strong and has no wealth, how will the future development be, can you have no worries about food and clothing?

Nine Flowers in the Cloud/Text

I have been paying attention to the articles written by the teacher, and I have benefited a lot. Please also help me see the future of my child. Female, Wuxu, Yichou, Guihai, Gengshen, were born in Hebei.

Our husband and wife are ordinary people, and we can’t provide her with much help. I don’t know where to train her well? How will the future develop? Can you live comfortably?

Jiuhua in the Cloud replied: Gui Shui was born in the Chou Moon and is not prosperous, but there is energy in the Chou, and it has a strong root in the Hai Shui, and it is supported by the time pillar, the official star and the year pillar, and occupies an important position in the lunar order. Both the body and the official are prosperous, using wood likes fire, avoiding gold, water and soil.

Look at the academic situation, in the four-pillar study, mainly look at the seal star, which represents knowledge and diplomas. It is taboo for Yin Xing to be close to her body, implying that it is difficult for her to excel in her studies, and the chance of obtaining a high degree is not high.

However, Yimu God of Cookery is close to show off, is a smart person, and also has many talents, but food injuries also focus on having fun, with a free and undisciplined personality, and he is not very hardworking in his studies.

Jiazi Universiade, Jiamu wounded officials through, wounded officials see officials, although they are smart, they tend to be disobedient, playful, and unwilling to learn. Moreover, it is taboo to see Zishui in Universiade, his performance in school is average, and his academic performance is not outstanding.

I would like to mention one more thing here. The fate of a woman is represented by the star of official killing, and the official killing of the child appears in the year, month and two pillars. Beware of early childhood love.

Especially around the age of 13 to 15 in adolescence, the fleeting years of Hai, Zi, and Chou will all arouse the marriage house of the Japanese branch, and the heart is prone to restlessness, and it is easy to have puppy love.

Prosperous body and wealth, wealth can represent her father, and her father supervises her study well, and getting in touch with her father more, it should be said that it is good for her grades to improve.

During her college entrance examination stage, most of them will be in 2035 or 2036, which is a year of food injury and happiness. She should perform well in the college entrance examination and be admitted to university, but the Universiade is in Guihai (17 to 26 years old). Unfavorable, the colleges admitted are mediocre.

If you can’t get into university, I suggest you learn a skill. Because the God of Cookery is used close to her body, it implies that she will have a skill in the future, and she suffered a food injury in the passing years during the college entrance examination, which also shows that it is more suitable for her to take the road of special skills.

Its original bureau official kills, there are many seal stars, the moon pillar cooker kills, and the earthly branch sheep blade drive kills, which also represent military professions. If she likes occupations such as military police, she can also consider it, and she is easy to get acquainted with this.

However, from the point of view of life’s fortune, there are ups and downs in career, great competition in the industry, and finding money is difficult. From this point of view, after entering the society, it is better to find a stable place to work and rely on technology and expertise to seek money. , wealth can also flow steadily.

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