The history of the first anchor of Adverse Water Cold: won the LOL and Sword Spirit champions, and also appeared on Forbes

The Forbes list is the most authoritative comprehensive list in the world. The global rich list, rich list, school rankings, etc. published by Forbes every year are the objects of great concern, which also makes Forbes the most authoritative comprehensive list. One of the most influential financial columns. For the vast majority of ordinary people, Forbes has never had a chance in this life. However, an “Internet addiction teenager” born in 1994 won an official Forbes special report by virtue of his anchor career. This person is the number one anchor of Netease’s “Against the Cold”, exaggerated.

Fu Kua used to be an e-sports player who came out of a small county. Along with the most popular years of e-sports games, he also had a very good time – Fu Kua, who was still in college at that time, because of his good operation skills, became a part of their campus. The well-known “Gao Wan”, every time he goes to the Internet cafe to play “League of Legends”, can attract a crowd of onlookers, the championship experience of the university city competition, he has always remembered to this day. But until a few years later, he moved to “Sword Spirit” and won the individual runner-up in the global league. He was never related, and he was able to make his fortune relying on the game.

Although I tried to do live broadcasts on the Internet, the exaggeration of the main “technical flow” at that time was not outstanding, and naturally I couldn’t make much money. By 2018, he was still an internet addict with no future in sight. And it was this year that NetEase’s ancient online game “Reverse Water Cold” was launched. After thinking carefully for a period of time, Exaggerated made a life-changing decision, that is, to join “Reverse Water Cold”, to be a blacksmith anchor, down-to-earth Make some real money.

The exaggerated transformation just now is definitely not smooth sailing. His operating skills are not beneficial to blacksmithing, and the live broadcast audience is only a few. In order to open up the business, Fu Hua made a decision: to use the method of gambling to make equipment and attract more customers in a risk-controlled way. Soon, he met a nobleman, the famous player PDD. In order to create the most top-level equipment in the game, PPD found exaggerated customizing a piece of clothing at a price of 200,000 yuan. However, exaggerated did not make a penny in this business-because of bad luck and market price fluctuations, the final cost of PDD’s dress exceeded 400,000 yuan, which made exaggerated all of a sudden. 200,000 in debt.

In order to repay the debt, the exaggerated hollowed out his savings, and life suddenly became difficult. This made the wealthy PDD a little embarrassed, saying “I don’t need you to pay me back, I will bear the loss myself”. Unexpectedly, exaggerated but resolutely said, “how much money is how much money, my reputation is more important than this money”, and he fully took the loss. This remark made PDD very moved, and since then he recognized the exaggerated friend, not only introduced many people to take care of his business, but also advertised for him many times.

It can be said that the flamboyant caught the olive branch of fate. Although he lost 200,000 on the PDD list, he made a good reputation and gradually became the most famous and credible top blacksmith in the game. Not only is the “smithing” business getting bigger and bigger, the live broadcast business is also booming. Players often reward tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in his live broadcast room according to their mood. In order to increase the popularity of the exaggerated live broadcast, a player named “Smile Naihe” even swiped nearly 10 million gifts at one time in the live broadcast room, which shocked the entire live broadcast platform at that time.

After becoming famous, the fate of the exaggerated changed. He spent millions to buy a Ferrari F8 sports car, and then bought a 15 million house in Hangzhou, because the “prosperity” was too fast and very representative , he was even featured in Forbes magazine, calling him “the craftsman of the virtual world.” It’s really amazing to think that he would go bankrupt because of 200,000 a few years ago.

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