The high-end version collects waste? Gree invests in setting up a renewable resource recycling company in Tianjin

[gearbest News] the earth’s natural resources are not infinite, so in order to achieve sustainable development, the recycling of resources is very important. In recent years, the trend of environmental protection has prevailed in China, and some companies have also become interested in the resource recycling industry. According to CNMO, Gree recently set up a resource recycling company in Tianjin. After reading it, netizens expressed their opinions one after another. Some people ridiculed that Miss Dong was going to create a high-end version of “waste collection”?


Relevant information shows that Tianjin Gree Renewable Resources Recycling Co., Ltd. was formally established on October 27, with Zhang Long as the legal representative and a registered capital of 50 million yuan. From the perspective of equity penetration information, the company is indirectly wholly-owned by Gree Electric. It can be seen that Gree still attaches great importance to the business of resource recycling.

Gree established a new company in Tianjin

Let’s take a look at other information about the new company. Tianjin Gree Renewable Resources Recycling Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Ziya Economic and Technological Development Zone, and its industry is the comprehensive utilization of waste resources. The company’s business scope includes: production waste metal recycling; renewable resource sales; mobile communication equipment sales; new energy vehicle waste power battery recycling and cascade utilization (excluding hazardous waste management), etc. To put it simply, this company sells mobile phones and returns recyclable new energy vehicle batteries.

According to CNMO, Gree is no stranger to the recycling business. In the core air-conditioning field, Gree often carries out “waste air-conditioning recycling” activities, and consumers can obtain certain subsidies.