The Hearthstone patch is previewed first, the war chess accessories in the tavern, the mercenary war coin problem is solved

Just when everyone was racking their brains for the clues released by the official Hearthstone official push, the patch preview of version 24.6 has been released. Although the toothpaste was squeezed very fast this time, Blizzard, as a veteran toothpaste factory, will naturally not let you once. Those who know everything about sex, the information that can be learned so far is incomplete, and Blizzard is a bit of a slap in the face.

New Expansion Pack

Regarding the content of the new expansion pack, the patch preview only mentions the time of the press conference (this picture is only available in the external service patch preview), which is exactly the same as the previous sneaking news. Beijing time is one o’clock in the morning . However, it is worth mentioning that the time of the press conference is not consistent with the time in the official tweet. It should be one day earlier. It seems that there are two possibilities, or the previous clue only refers to the Halloween event (then my previous article Isn’t the article written in vain?), or it means that the new orange card will not be installed into the game the next day after the press conference, in short, we still have to guess.

halloween event

Regarding the Halloween event, the official said that there will be new content and old friends that players love will return, but the specific content has to wait for the official patch. Qingfeng saw that some players under the official push said that it has been held after Halloween for two consecutive years. The Halloween event is over. By the way, Qingfeng also read last year’s article. The arena event was also held after the end of Halloween, so there is a high probability that there will be a dual-professional arena this year. As for old friends, Qingfeng thinks that most of them refer to the headless knight in the Halloween exclusive brawl , so if there will be any new content, we can only wait for the official news (couldn’t it really be cosplay?)

War Chess Hammer

On Halloween, there are not only ladders and arenas, but also tavern war chess. This time, tavern war chess has launched a new way of selling accessories: war chess treasure hammer . There are a total of 10 items in the event. After smashing a piece of jewelry, all players can get a treasure hammer for free after going online. If you are lucky, you can directly smash the chessboard or end the special effect . If you choose to pay, you can immediately get two treasure hammers, and every time after that You can get a treasure hammer just right in battle chess, and you can get all the rewards if you get the top four for a total of seven times. And the paid price for this event is only 68 rune stones, which should be the most conscientious one. If I remember correctly, the chessboard was 128 before…

The official picture is rather blurry. At present, Qingfeng only recognizes Rakanishu, Greb, and Vashj in the lower right corner (should?). It is worth noting that this time the skin is from the Halloween series, although the overall It may still be cheerful, but most of them will also bring a bit of hell . It is estimated that it will not be as cute as the previous cooking collection style. Everyone should buy it carefully. Maybe it will be possessed by the European emperor and hit the chessboard with a hammer?

Mercenary War

In addition, there will be qualitative changes in the mercenary war record in this update. The first is to rework the quest system. According to the official statement, all quest chains will always be open now , and the currently advancing quests are controlled by the mercenaries in the current team. The soldiers decided that up to six quest chains could be advanced at the same time. If Qingfeng understood it correctly, it should mean that as long as the corresponding mercenary was used, the corresponding quest chain could be advanced, and it would not be limited to the limit of quests on the notice board. I have to say, if this was done a year ago, how many players would have been lost.

In addition, there is the coin overflow problem that everyone has been criticizing for a long time. This time, it has finally been solved . After that, the fame system will be added to the mercenary war record. Players can exchange excess coins for fame, and then exchange them from the campfire to unpaid coins. Fully upgraded mercenary coins , and the coins in daily missions will also be changed to not fully upgraded mercenary coins and general coins. It can only be said that this function is too late. The most important function has only been solved after the mercenary war record has been launched for a year. The users who should be lost have already lost, and the players who want to return may be difficult to keep up. .

Back to Free Decks

The last update is the benefits for new players and returning players . In the past, the free decks that new players and returning players received after 120 days were originally reserved from the six decks, but now they can be borrowed at will within a week. Six sets of cards, and finally choose a set to keep , and the return qualification has also been changed to 90 days. The advantage of this change is that you can experience more sets of cards and decide which idea you like before saving. This is for new players and Returning players is still very helpful, after all, it is more helpful for selection. However, for players who just want to use the return benefits to save dust for free, the orange card group is better…

The above is the preview content of the 24.6 update patch. Although it is a preview, in fact, things such as Halloween events, new version themes, etc. have been omitted . Come, don’t forget to pay attention to Qingfeng!