The handle spontaneously ignites when the player is playing PS5丨The physical version of “God of War: Ragnarok” sneaks away, showing that 91GB of space is required

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Today is Saturday, October 29, 2022. My friends have worked hard. Today, a player posted that their PS5 handle spontaneously ignited during use. Come and see

PS5 handle spontaneously combusts


In recent years, game consoles have experienced various technical problems, but it is still relatively rare for gamepads to fail, let alone the serious problem of spontaneous combustion.

Reddit user “havla1312” posted that his PS5 controller was “on fire” right under his nose. The user’s handle ignited spontaneously after he turned on the PS5, but the handle had been unplugged and placed on a glass table. In the absence of any combustibles nearby, the handle started in about a minute. combustion.

The image shows that the burn marks of the handle are at the bottom of the controller. Although it is unknown where the fire started, the battery of the handle was not damaged. Some netizens speculated that the spontaneous combustion may be fake. At present, the user “havla1312” said that he has reported this problem to Sony, waiting for the official test, and asked for a new handle.

God of War: Ragnarok requires at least 91GB of space

“God of War 5” will land on the PS5 and PS4 platforms on November 9, and will start pre-loading on November 2. This game is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated annual masterpieces by PS players around the world, and now, with the release of As the day approaches, it seems that the game has already sneaked away in advance.

When we opened the box, we saw that there was a poster and a Blu-ray disc. The poster was printed with Lord Kui and his son Atreus. Shows the game content that can be unlocked by pre-ordering “God of War 5”: Kratos blizzard armor and Atreus blizzard tunic (appearance props). It should be noted that these props need to advance the story to unlock. In addition, the back of the game box also shows that at least 91GB of hard disk space should be reserved for this game. It looks like this Blu-ray disc is also full of content.

Call of Duty 19 consoles can’t turn off cross-platform

Some players like cross-platform games, but there are also many players who hate it very much. Many console players don’t like to play with PC keyboard and mouse players, and PC players don’t like to play with some players who have auxiliary aiming enabled, but For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players, they don’t have a choice.

Many players complained on the forum that “Call of Duty 19: Modern Warfare 2” does not disable the cross-platform play option in the PC and Xbox versions. Gamers of the PS5 version also posted on the forum: Is there such a thing? Some PS5 players said that there is an option to turn off cross-platform games in the menu options of the PS5 version.

Xbox console players can turn off global cross-platform games through the console’s privacy settings, but if they want to cross in other games at this time, they cannot cross, and the option needs to be turned on again. PC players don’t have any option to turn off cross-play

Players speculate that Microsoft has such an operation in order to integrate Xbox and PC into an ecosystem, but some players think such speculation is unreasonable.

Sony forms new 3A studio to work with Naughty Dog

Sony’s new in-house development team is working with Naughty Dog on a game based on the “beloved series,” according to job postings.

According to foreign media VGC, Sony has established a new first-party 3A studio in San Diego, the United States. Sony and PSS Visual Arts studio jointly established. PSS Visual Arts has been responsible for animation, motion capture, etc., and has assisted in the development of several first-party masterpieces, including The Last of Us: Part 1.

Due to the participation of Naughty Dog, many players speculated that this new project is likely to be a new work of “Uncharted”. According to the current recruitment notice, the team has a clear release plan, but the specific content has not been announced yet.

Previously, the director and screenwriter of “Uncharted” said in an interview that Naughty Dog will not give up the IP of “Uncharted”, let us look forward to the future performance of this series.

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