The Halloween event of “Agod Realm” mobile game is about to start! The new guardian goddess Juno has come to the Oracle Continent!

Halloween is coming! The mobile game of “Anomalous Realm” is filled with a joyous festive atmosphere! And the brand-new guardian goddess Juno will also come to the Oracle continent to spend a fun Halloween with players!

Here’s a look at what’s new in the game in the near future:

[New Guardian Goddess: Juno]

The new Guardian Goddess, Juno, will be available after this update, which can be unlocked after reaching level 90.

Unlike her two sisters, Isiah and Celtine, Juno is the first goddess of red origin quality in the Oracle continent. She protects the good warriors, and will give glory to the recognized warriors!

【The 3rd Glory Competition is about to start】

The Arena of the Powerful – The Glory Contest is about to kick off again! Registration for the 3rd 3V3 Cross-Server Competitive PK Tournament Glory Contest will officially open on October 31. Brave oracles, come and participate in the competition and win the competition! On to the glory!

[The torture ground increases the difficulty of hell]

The 10-player group of torture execution ground will increase the difficulty of hell after this update. Players who reach level 105 can enter in a team. The Boss Kaniosi is sitting in the paradise in the void with a wealth of secret treasures, waiting for players to come and challenge.

The dungeon rewards have been upgraded again! New rewards such as level 100 origin equipment materials, shards of the wind galloping unicycle, etc., oracles who are interested in the prizes, come and give Kaneo West some color to see it!

【Halloween carnival series activities are about to start】

Event time: October 29-November 4

During the event, participate in the in-game Halloween sign-in, Halloween candy collection and exchange activities, and you can get all kinds of raffle tickets, magpie treasure chests, Origin Star Soul optional and other rare prizes! Irene wishes you and your friends to be able to travel in the Oracle Continent in advance. Have a happy Halloween!

【Halloween limited vampire set】

Event time: October 31-November 4

During the event, players can use the carousel lottery ticket or blue diamond to participate in the Halloween Lucky Wheel event, and have a chance to get the Halloween limited vampire suit and the appearance of the undead series of weapons!

【Halloween Surprise Replenishment Event】

Event time: October 31-November 4

During the event, players can accumulate accumulated amount by recharging diamonds, buying gift packs, etc. in any way, and they can receive super valuable rewards when they reach the corresponding amount! Limited time delivery!

[The super popular mount Flame Magpie Spirit returns for a limited time]

Event time: October 28th – October 30th

The twin mounts, the flame magpie spirit, will return for a limited time! Don’t miss it for your favorite oracles! During the event, players will have the opportunity to get the magpie treasure chest by participating in the mount treasure box event. Collect a certain number of magpie treasure chests to exchange for limited double mounts The flame magpie is here!

There are more exciting content waiting for you to unlock! Don’t forget to come to Oracle Continent to see more after the update!

About “Godless World”:

Gorgeous only here, a glance is a thousand years! “The Realm of Godless” is a beautiful and gorgeous MMORPG mobile game released by Longtu Games. In this game, you will play sexy and stylish in many scenes with beautiful magic elements. Alien characters. The rich appearance content allows you to freely match the character’s fashion to show your fashion personality. Get to know more charming partners, form a team guild with them, participate in dungeon adventures to obtain top equipment, and passionate PK melee battles such as world BOSS competition and fortress siege. The oracle rises again, a charming adventure! The beautiful and magical Arleburg Rhea continent is waiting for you!