The green water hyacinth lotus in the water is known as the water hyacinth in Luzhou.

Speaking of this water hyacinth, it is also called water hyacinth, and some people call them revolutionary grass and other names! And this water hyacinth belongs to the leaves and flowers of the Yujiu flower family, and everyone can see it at a glance. Recognize what they look like!

And water hyacinths are actually perennial perennial herbs. Generally, we can see them floating in the water to grow, for example, in rivers, streams, and fish ponds. They are inseparable from the moisture of water, and some can grow to about 50 cm. Their stems are relatively short, and some are prostrate. Their leaves are mostly basal, and most of them are rosette-shaped, some are broadly oval, and some are rhombus-shaped. Their apex bulges obviously, all of them are dark green, and their leaves are smooth on both sides. And their bases are mostly gourd-shaped, and when you pinch them, there is a soft sponge inside.

Shaped things, their flowers are mostly blue. Usually open from July to September.

You see, they are always emerald green, the flowers are very blue, and the light calyx floats on the

on the water. The leaves are very light and can beat the wind and rain of nature, and they are equally stable and will not fall in the water. They are an important plant choice for reservoir greening. Nowadays, there are plants in the pools of parks in many places, in artificially dug lakes, and in water tanks in vases. They can give you infinite vitality and hope!

And the origin of this water hyacinth is not our China, but most of the Americas and other places abroad, and now in various major regions in the north and south of our country, some friends have cultivated them, and even wild distribution. . and they like

They prefer a warm sunny place, they won’t grow very well in winter

Afraid of the cold, they grow rapidly in spring and summer! We can directly propagate and cultivate them by dividing them. If it is planted in the garden of your own home in winter, we give them a greenhouse overwintering so that they can survive the winter smoothly.

You want to use water hyacinth lotus to make medicine, and its Chinese name is called water hyacinth lotus. We can collect them in summer and wash them to dry or use them fresh.

If you are interested in the medicinal chemical composition of water hyacinth lotus, we can know that water hyacinth lotus contains a variety of vitamins

Ah, in addition to containing trace elements, it also contains sugars, crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat, crude ash and other familiar medicinal chemical components!

Speaking of this water hyacinth, everyone knows that its taste is light and generally speaking, its nature is cooler!