The glory of the king does not know the launch time of the fire dance and the red moon, and the skin is recommended

Hello everyone, when will the new skin of Glory of Kings Shiranui come on the shelves, the new skin of Glory of Kings Shiranui, Feiyuexing, has been officially revealed. This skin is the same as the skins of the previous two SNK heroes. It is a legendary limited skin, so Shiranui is a new skin. When will the skin be put on the game store, let’s take a look at the specific launch time of Feiyuexing.

When will the glory of the king be released

Shelf time: October 29 to December 29, 2022

Skin Quality: Legendary Limited

Skin price: 1788 points

First week price: 1430 points

After purchasing skins, players can also get skin-exclusive avatar frames, skin-exclusive personality actions, and skin Chinese voice packs and other items.

All in all, Mai Shiranui’s new skin Hizuki Xing is a limited skin. The skin will be available from October 29th to December 29th, 2022, and it will be available for two months. Players who like it should hurry up and buy it.

Is the Glory of the King Shiranui Wuxiu Xingxing worth buying? It is recommended to start with the Shiranui Wuxiu Xingxing skin. The legendary skin of the Glory of the King, Shiranui Dance, is finally online. I believe that many friends have been waiting for it for a long time. So is this skin worth buying? Is Shiranui Wuxing worth starting? The editor brings you Let’s take a look at the skin’s starting suggestions.

Is the glory of the king worth buying?

1. Let’s talk about the conclusion first, Mai Shiranui Fei Yue Xing is worth starting.

2. First of all, this skin is Mai Shiranui’s first legendary skin, and it is also a limited skin. Players of Mai Shiranui will definitely recommend it.

3. The popularity of Shiranui Heroes is very high, and the strength is also the existence of long-term T0 among mages. The upper limit of the hero’s operation is very high, and it is the permanent middle lane of the high-end game.

4. The price of the skin is 1788 coupons, and the discount price for the first week is 1430 coupons. Players who like it recommend to start with the discount in the first week.

Mai Shiranui Hiyuki skin is worth buying, because not only the special effects are very gorgeous, but also the Feiyue Xing skin is the skin of the [Ancient and Modern Story] series, which is a limited skin, if players miss this This is the second opportunity to buy, and I don’t know when the skin will be re-enacted next time.

Normal attack:

A skill:

Two skills:

Big move:

Return to the city special effects:

All in all, Mai Shiranui’s Hikaru Kok skin is very worth buying, especially the Hikaru Kok skin is a limited skin. If you don’t get it now, then you may have to see it again on the anniversary next year. skin too.

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